Say the name Danielle Balbuena and it would be the most It won’t tell you anything, but you might be shocked to learn that the name is that of the birth of 070 Shake, the New Jersey rapper and singer who shot in the big audience in early 2016 with his song. Don’t trust anyone. She’s gone ahead to partner with big names in the industry, from Kanye West to Nas to Pusha T. Shake has two Extended Plays under her belt and continues to play a leading role with her base. of fans benefiting from an exponential increase. Find out more about her in the following paragraphs.

070 Biography, Shake (Age)

As mentioned above, 070 Shake’s birth name is Danielle Balbuena and she was born on June 13, 1997, in North Bergen, New Jersey (USA). It is difficult to find out about Shake’s upbringing; However, it is a detail that will eventually become visible to the media as it continues to remain relevant in the industry.

Shake’s first love was poetry and like most poetry lovers who also have a keen ear for music, she turned to rap and in late 2015 she formalized her music career and started recording her songs. own songs.

She began her career as a member of the New Jersey music team members, the 070, named after the New Jersey zip code. She just added the word Shake to the code to get her nickname. 070 Shake started recording their music independently and posting it on SoundCloud. Luckily, she became one of those upcoming rappers who came to have the platform to thank for their breakthrough.

She posted songs like “Proud” and “Swervin” but it was the first that caught on with music promoter YesJulz. YesJulz, who is also a social media personality, snuck into her Twitter account and asked to be her manager. Gladly, Shake accepted and this would become his first major step towards his big departure. Subsequently, his songs on SoundCloud started to gain traction due to the increasing number of streams.

Thanks to Miami-based YesJulz, 070 Shake got the big jump in his career; Julz was able to acquaint her with Pusha T (the president of Kanye’s GOOD Music label) who, like Julz, was enamored with her work. Julz had performed Shake’s songs to Pusha T’s audience during a fitting session for Kanye’s Yeezy shoe line. Pusha T wasted no time in signing her to the GOOD Music label. Shake would join big names such as Big Sean, Cyhi The Prynce and Teyana Taylor as part of those signed to the label.

070 Shake was quick to leave its mark on the label. Following the release of her 6-track EP, Shine (released in March 2018), which was her first solo effort, she left an indelible mark on Kanye West’s 2018 album, You. 070 Shake featured on tracks like Dead City and Violent Crimes, causing a stir among music critics with one critic, Michael Sapanora, going so far as to say that the two tracks were the album’s “standout” cuts. Later, HotNewHipHop added that Ghost Town was the highlight of the album.

070 Shake continues to work on his music and collaborate with other bands.

His family

070 Shake has so far left no details regarding his family, however, drawing inspiration from his teenage years which was marred by drug use and self-esteem issues revealed in his lyrics, we can assume that the rapper had a rather disturbing upbringing. Hopefully, she will feel the need to share details of her heritage with the general public in the near future.

Facts about the musician

1. Shake is a lesbian, which should come as no surprise, as she uses the feminine pronoun to refer to her love interest in her music. She is in a relationship with the model, Sophia Diana Lodato.

2. For the Gypsy Sport fashion show in the fall of 2017, the 070 Shake is among the models.

3 The songs Shake wrote for his EP, Glitter, were about self-esteem, drug use and sexuality. She would later explain that the album was about trying to find yourself and experience life in a dark place.

4. 070 Shake grew up listening to songs by Kanye, Kid Cudi and Michael Jackson.

5. Shake doesn’t go to the studio with pre-written lyrics, but relies on his feelings for the words.