Whatever you think of The Walt Disney Company (also known as House Of Mouse or simply Disney), there’s no denying that the rapidly expanding world of entertainment and the company’s quest to dominate the creative space film and television has created many opportunities for young aspiring creators. From writers to directors to actors and actresses, Disney’s insatiable need to produce fresh content has opened the doors to a new wave of film and television stars. To further illustrate the need for The House of Mouse, the company has established a “Storytelling Program” designed to discover and develop new talent. The program, run by one of its creative outlets, Disney Channel, launched in 2014.Bizaardvark, created by two participants of the Disney Channel Storytellers program – Kyle Stegina and Josh Lehman. Both creators participated in the show as co-executive producers.

The show, Bizaardvark, was commissioned for production in early 2016 and began filming around the same time. The show has been on the air for two seasons and the third season is expected to air on a date to be announced soon.

Bizaardvark, as envisioned by Kyle Stegina and Josh Lehman is a show about comedy music and online culture. Ultimately, according to the duo, the show is about embracing the strange.


Bizaardvark is a comedy television series broadcast on Disneycanal. The show follows two teenagers and best friends, Frankie and Paige, who post funny songs and comedic videos on the internet. Their videos help them reach 10,000 subscribers on their Vuuugle channel, a fictional video-sharing website, showcasing YouTube on the Internet. Bizaardvark universe. Both teenagers are accepted at Vuuugle Studios. At Vuuugle, they make videos and share them with other creators called Vuuuglers.

Cast and characters

the Bizaardvark show stars a relatively small cast. The show is led by two actresses – Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo. Alongside them, Jake Paul, DeVore Ledridge and Ethan Wacker. Some of the series’ recurring cast and actresses include Johnathan McClain, Ellen Ratner, Maya Jade Frank, Adan Haas Hunter, Rachna Khatau, and Kevin Will.

Here’s a look at the characters played by the cast

Madison Hu – Frankie Wong

Madison Hu plays Frankie Wong, one of two teenagers who are stars of the fictional Vuuugle channel, Bizaardvark. She plays the keyboard and the piano. During the first season, Frankie goes through various obstacles in order to grow his audience on Bizaardvark. The character gives Madison Hu, an actress who started appearing on screen at the age of 6, the chance to express her talent as a lead actress in a comedic role. Her first project was in the 2013 film, Big Words where she plays Ling Quan. She appeared in a Disney project, Best Friends When in a recurring role in 2015.

Olivia Rodrigo – Paige Olvera

The California-born actress plays Paige Olvera, the other half of the Bizaardvark duo. She plays guitar and along with Frankie Wong (Madison Hu), they work together to grow their channel and establish themselves as stars of Vuuugle.

Olivia is fairly new to the world of acting, although you consider she has a lot of potential to go far in the industry. She has previously appeared in American Girl Doll: Gracie Sparks Success and Pavé New World, among others .

Jake Paul – Dirk Mann

Jake Paul is one of the notable names in the series. As a show based on YouTube content creators, it’s only fitting to have a well-known YouTube star. Jake Paul plays Dirk Mann, a Vuuugler who is in Vuuugle Studios alongside Frankie and Paige. His Vuuugle channel, Dare Me Bro, puts him in response to assent requests which he performs. He starred on the show for two seasons before his tendency to court controversy got him fired.

Jake Paul rose to prominence on Vine, an old video app. His YouTube channel features a lot of pranks, as does his character Bizaardvark. Jake Paul has been the subject of many controversies, the biggest being that he is the younger brother of Logan Paul, who is perhaps the most controversial YouTuber on the planet. Paul has the unwanted recognition of having the second most hated video on YouTube for his music video and song, It’s Everyday My Brother.

As an employee of The House of Mouse, negative controversies are unacceptable, and on July 22, 2017, as the show’s second season was being filmed, Disney Channel announced the departure of Jake Paul. Although the press release called the departure a mutual agreement between the two parties, Jake Paul revealed that he was fired from the show.

DeVore Ledridge – Amelia Duckworth

DeVore Ledridge plays Amelia Duckworth, another Vuuugle Studios participant. She has a fashion-based channel named Perfect Perfection with Amelia. In the third season of the series, Amelia changes the channel’s name to Imperfect Imperfection, following her sister Willow moving in with her.

Ethan Wacker – Bernie Schotz

Ethan plays Bernie Schotz, who becomes Frankie and Paige’s agent. Before becoming their agent, Ethan was their friend and he befriends Dirk (Jake Paul). Bernie ends up developing a crush on Imperfect star Amelia.

Maxwell Simkins – Zane

Maxwell Simkins joined the series in its third season. Maxwell plays Zane, one of two new Vuuugle stars who join Vuuugle Studios. Zane is the star of Zane Unboxed, a channel where he tells stories of his unboxing videos. The character is an illustration of the creators of YouTube technical videos.

Elie Samouhi – Rodney

Elie Samouhi plays Rodney, the second half of two new Vuuugle stars who join Vuuugle Studios. His channel, what ‘in M’Hair? features him pulling different things out of his hair.

The show has a number of notable recurring characters played by a couple of more established actors and actresses on the show.

Johnathan McClain – Liam

Johnathan McClain, the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and 24 alum, plays Liam on this comedy show. He plays the role of the son of the creator of the Vuuugle platform. He is usually seen on the show talking to the Vuuuglers through a robotic television screen. He appeared in several episodes over the three seasons of the series.

Rachna Khatau – Principal Karen

Rachna Khatau is a stage, film and television actress who has been a professional actress since 2006. She plays Bizaardvark Karen, Principal of Sierra High School. Her quest to gain her students’ approval drives her to become a fan of Bizaardvark. She joined the show in its second season.

Kevin Will – Coach Carlson

Kevin Will has acted in many short films and had small roles in feature films. His longer and more solid TV career features him on several TV shows like Firefly, Malcolm in the Middle, Gilmore Girls, Boston Legal, and The Mentalist. In Bizaardvark, he plays Coach Carlson, a gym teacher at Sierra High School. He joined the series in its second season.

Other recurring characters are Bernie’s grandmother who lives with him, she is played by Ellen Ratner; Belissa, a obsessive Bizaardvark fan, played by Maya Jade Frank. Viking Guy – The star of the Vuugle Live Like a Viking channel is played by Adam Haas Hunter.


If you’re looking to get into the show, don’t worry, and you have plenty of episodes to catch up on. The show premiered on June 24, 2016 and currently has only 49 episodes. The first season had 20 episodes while the second season had 22 and the third season so far had 7 episodes. Each episode lasts 25 minutes.

5 facts to know about Bizaardvark

1. Awards and nominations

Bizaardvark has been recognized by several children’s program awards such as the Young Entertainer Awards, the Young Artist Award, and the Legionnaires of Laughter Legacy Awards, where the main actors of the series were nominated for Best Children’s Comedy Artist. The writers were also nominated for Best Children’s Comedy Writer.

2. Your kids will love it

Finding something interesting to watch these days can be a daunting task, especially if it’s suitable for kids who are already exposed to YouTube and other programming options. Bizaardvark is a good show to watch as a proper entertainment option.

3. Bizaardvark can be watched online

Maybe you’d like your kids to watch while you camp, Bizaardvark (all episodes) is available for digital purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

4. Lots of Youtube creators

As a show based on online video creators, many YouTube creators are guests on the show. If you want to see your favorite YouTube stars like Logan Paul and Jimmy Fowlie as actors, then Bizaardvark has what you’re looking for.

5. Bizaardvark has shorts

If you want more from the show, be sure to look up Bizaardvark Short. They last about 2 to 4 minutes and there are 14 of them. They are also available online.