The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends. We all know, however, that the stress of shopping gifts, organizing the perfect Christmas dinner, and trying not to open your mouth in front of your demanding family members may make you want to rip your hair out. Here are some methods to find your zen even at the busiest of times to keep your physical and emotional wellness in order over the Christmas season.

Stay Zen During The Holiday Season
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1. Make time to meditate

Have you ever tried meditation? If not, the holiday season is the ideal time to incorporate it into your regular routine. Meditation apps like Headspace will walk you through the process, and you might start the new year with a good new useful habit.

2. Drink more water

Put down the dessert wine and get some more water. Even if you usually stay hydrated, the dehydration caused by food comas, hangovers, and travel can appear suddenly during the holiday season. Set a reminder on your phone to remind you to drink a cup of water every morning and evening. Staying hydrated is a simple, but frequently forgotten, requirement for feeling your best both physically and emotionally.

3. Listen to some music

Don’t be like your nephew who won’t take off his headphones during Christmas dinner, but music might help you get back to center when you’re feeling anxious. Several clinical studies confirm music’s capacity to improve mood, so relax for a few minutes while listening to your favorite playlist. Connect and stop the loop of any negative or stressful sentiments that may be building up.

4. Workout

The busy Christmas season disrupts many of our workout habits, adding to our stress. When you skip workouts, you miss out on feel-good endorphins, which might put you in a negative mood. Even small movements can add spring to your step. Suggest going on a family hike or doing fast at-home workouts (pushups, squats, jumping jacks, anything) and seeing how much better you feel

5. Show your gratitude via writing

It’s not simply music that can help you relax during this hectic period. Clinical research also indicates that expressing thankfulness, particularly in writing, promotes happier, healthier states of being. Try writing down three things you’re thankful for, whether in a journal or on your phone. It’s a good idea to do this throughout the year, but especially when stress and your loved ones are getting on your nerves.

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