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Time is a strange phenomenon that it always seems to move forward, It might not be, but it appears to be.  Throughout history, numerous historical moments have been captured.

For you, we’ve put together a short story based on seven historical photos. Take a look back at these 7 amazing historical photos from the past.

The Average Cost of Living in the United States in 1938

image 7RIy2OquAy9GXE7A

It’s impossible to imagine the past even with a very limited background. This image shows how much something would have cost over a century ago. After the Great Depression and the Great Recession, prices were extremely low; unemployment surged to over 19%, and the use of obnoxious hipster caps increased to nearly 100 %. Maybe.

What really shocks us is the cost of movie tickets. Who would pay 25 cents to see a movie in the 1930s when they could pay the same amount at a California Alligator Farm to have a giant reptile maim their hand or foot?

1930’s The Future According to a Random German Margarine Company

Amazing Historical Photos

Although mankind has always attempted to predict the future, it has never been perfect. Surprisingly, this illustrated card from a collection sold by a German Margarine company is more detailed than others – albeit not very precisely.

We would give them five points for video call forecasting, but we deduct Three points for clumsy equipment; three points for filthy jumpsuits; five points for assuming we already accept wires; two points for overestimating the appeal of what we hope will be lemonade; and two points for hideous caps. Oh, and you monsters get a -15 for using plastic straws.

Basketball’s Inventor About to Get Dunked On, 1928

image 47Jkkzyvz6DQ2zgX

Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, is seen here practicing with his wife in 1928. He invented this fascinating game for his students after being inspired by his childhood experiments tossing Canadian rocks at stacks of other similarly Canadian rocks as an alternative to another obscure pastime known as football.

Instructions for using the telephone, 1951

1951 telephone

Back in the 1950s, many people didn’t know how to use a telephone. Telephones were always new, and most packages included these basic instructions as a reference for the entire family. Our instructions are now over a hundred times more complicated, and no one reads them. Although our first reaction may be to scoff at the retro people, keep in mind that 80 % of people who live today would be unable to use a rotary phone.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, 1991

image m4YyETcTs73JrXzK

Steve Jobs (left) and Bill Gates (right) have never stopped crossing paths since the end of the 1970s. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell what year this photo was taken because nerd fashion hasn’t improved in the last fifty years. But we can see Apple and Microsoft’s computer industry “titans” here, perhaps debating Giga-circulizers and psychoprocessors in someone’s cellar.

When they took this shot, they realized it would be just as good years later.

IBM 5MB Hard Drive, 1956


It weighed over 900kg and was used on IBM’s 305 RAMAC machine. It took up 14 square meters and used 50 24-inch discs. 5MB of storage at the time held 5 million accounting data characters. Unlike previous retro-storage methods such as tape storage, data could be retrieved at random from beginning to end. This hulking beast, however, cost $35,000 per year and had to be pushed by a forklift.

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