Music has different forms and one of them is rap. The rap is made up of rhyming and street vernaculars, mostly over an instrumental background track. Many rappers prefer baggy t-shirts, baggy jeans, a hat and/or bandana, lots of jewelry, big sunglasses, jackets, and of course shoes as their default costume. A few have created their own style, like 6ix9ine, whose unconventional look is one of the selling points.

6ix9ine Biography,

Records indicate that 6ix9ine, also known as Tekashi69 was born on May 8, 1996 as Daniel Hernandez in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. Her father was from Puerto Rico and her mother from Atlixco in Mexico. He was raised with his brother (and only sibling) by both parents until his father was murdered in 2009. This was a game changer for the family and Daniel had to step in by working multiple jobs and even selling cannabis for to survive. He was expelled from school in 8th grade and never returned.

In 2014, he started his rap career by making and releasing several songs. His rapping was aggressive and he used anime as the visual for his videos. These brought attention to his path, but not enough to make it a success. 6ix9ine is also known as the rapper with his multicolored hair and golden grills. The Slovak music label, FCK THEM, is responsible for the release of most of his early songs.

His rap name is 6ix9ine, a clear deviation from his birth name, Daniel. He says 69 actually shows that there are different perspectives of a thing depending on how you look at it. 6ix9ine has used social media platforms to further his rap career and is very active in many of them. On Facebook, he is known as Tekashi 6ix9ine and has over a million likes and even more followers. His Twitter bio says he is the “King of New York” and has over 349,000 followers. The rapper has 14.6 million followers on Instagram and over 4.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. As good as it sounds, the truth is that it hasn’t always been so popular.

Fame came for Tekashi69 in 2017 when a July photo he posted on Instagram became a website. In this photo, he wore rainbow hair, his grid and 69 tattooed on several parts of his body. He became even more famous when his first commercial single titled Gummo hit the airwaves in November 2017. The song made the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 12 and in March 2018 was certified platinum by the Association of Recording Industry of America (RIAA). It currently has over 80 million views on YouTube. Kooda and Keke were her second and third commercial singles released on December 23, 2017 and January 14, 2018, respectively.

6ix9ine released his first mixtape titled Day 69 on February 23, 2018. Two songs from the band, Gamelle and Rondo made the Billboard Hot 100. He also released Gotti in April and he made six consecutive Hot 100 entries. In July, he featured Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz in his song, Fefe which went on to number four and then number three on the Hot 100. His next song is due out later in October, as indicated by a video he posted but deleted on Instagram. He went on a 13-city European World Domination tour from June 15 to July 6.

Hernandez faced a number of legal issues in 2015, including a child molestation charge. The case has been heard in court and sentencing is expected on October 26, 2018, and he faces a three-year prison term and a sex offender registration. He has also been involved in numerous feuds with rappers, such as Chief Keef, who was reportedly killed in New York City on June 2. 6ix9ine is under investigation for the shooting as he was in Los Angeles during the shooting. He was abducted, beaten and robbed on July 22, just after Fefe was filmed.

Interestingly, he hinted on Instagram in April that he might stop rapping this year (2018) because he has already achieved his goals. Let’s see and see.

His net worth

The rapper’s net worth has been quoted differently in different sources, ranging from $500,000 to $4 million and even $7.5 million. While we’re not sure of the numbers, we know it should be worth a lot due to its apparent success.

6ix9ine’s girlfriend, who is his daughter?

Daniel has a mom named Sara. She was his longtime girlfriend even before he became famous. They have a daughter together named Saraiyah.

He also reportedly has another girlfriend named Leezah who is a stripper at a gentleman’s club in New York named Starlet. She is from the Dominican Republic and it is said that he went on a trip with her to her home country and even met her family.

Is he gay?

6ix9ine was accused by fellow rapper, TrippieRedd of being gay following a feud they had. He went further by circulating sex videos of Apache Blu, a gay porn star he claimed was really Hernandez. It was later proven that the rapper and the porn star are two different people.