It’s no surprise that this American Abby Martin, a journalist, is widely regarded as a strong representative of the media who reports stories that deserve public recognition. Looking at her profile as a journalist, one can clearly see that she has shown her boldness and audacity in seeking and disclosing the truth. She is the former hostess of Breaking the Scene on the network, RT America. Jaws dropped out when she ended the show on March 3, 2014, with a statement directed against Russian military intervention in Ukraine. It was so bold to see that RT America is a Russian-owned network. Martin came to media attention as a result of what she did.

In 2015, she started another show, The Empire Files, on YouTube and Telesur English, a network co-funded by the government of Venezuela. Abby Martin is a board member of the Media Freedom Foundation. She also co-founded Media Roots, a journalism platform for reporting the news.

In 2008, she posted a pro-9/11 truth video that drew a lot of criticism. Abby Martin is an activist and an artist. The story of this woman is very rich. Let’s learn more…

Abby Martin – Biography,

Abby Martin takes the full name Abigail SuzanneMartin. She was born on September 6, 1984 in Oakland, California. Her parents were property managers and her brother, Robbie Martin, worked in the music business. He made numerous appearances in The Empire Files. Robbie also directed a three-part documentary on political neo-conservatives. He has contributed to Media Roots since its founding.

Abby was raised in Pleasanton, California. She attended Amador Valley High School. After graduating from high school in 2002, she explored her love for painting and photography. His artistic works reflect nature, psychedelia and his political opinions. Some of these works have been exhibited in California.

After the fall of the World Trade Center in 2001, her high school boyfriend decided to join the army. It was then that Abby Martin began asking the questions that would lead her to a career in journalism. She earned an undergraduate degree in political science and a minor in Spanish. In her early days in journalism, she worked as an investigative reporter for a San Diego-based online news website. She quit working for the site after returning to Northern California.

Boyfriend or husband, is Abby married?

There’s always this curiosity surrounding the identity of the special man in a strong-willed woman’s life and the case of Abby Martin is no exception. She remained in love with her high school sweetheart even after he joined the army in 2001. Abby said she never wanted him to go to war. Her feelings for him must have been so strong to have pushed her to suddenly pursue a career in the world of journalism. Their relationship would later fall apart with the long distance issue contributing to its downfall.

Abby Martin is yet to come out in the open with the identity of the new man in her life; whether or not she is married has been largely left to speculation. Martin basically left the audience wondering if journalist and activist Michael Prysner was the man who ruled his heart. She shared intimate photos of the two both through her Instagram account and they are rumored to have been dating for a long time. It could be that the two are just close friends, as they work on The Empire Files together. Michael-writes and executive produces the series while Abby’s love life remains a mystery.

Height and width

Does a reporter’s height and weight really matter? Well, Abby Martin has shown that you don’t have to compose a six-foot frame to voice her opinion. She absolutely does not back down in her thoughts. This bold woman is comprised of an average height, 5 feet 5 inches. Looking at Abby, there is no denying that she possesses a lean body. Its exact weight is still unknown. But clearly, she is in good shape.