Little did Adam the Little know that posting pictures of abandoned places would make one of YouTube’s most popular stars. The YouTube sensation has gone from a regular YouTube fan to a renowned figure in the tech world simply by doing what he loves. Adam did not stop at abstract and abandoned places; over time, he started posting photos and videos from different places in the United States. There is so much more to know about the YouTuber. Find out interesting facts about him as you scroll down the screen.

Who is Adam the Woo?

Little is known about his birthplace, but it is well known that Adam the Woo is a famous YouTuber. What makes him different from most YouTubers is the fact that he is always on the move. With his van, he travels the United States and makes interesting videos about his adventures and discoveries. Adam’s work is more or less an excursion for his avid viewers who always look forward to new explorations and adventures with each video.

His daily adventures involve encounters of different locations like amusement parks, movie locations, Disneyland, abandoned buildings and many more. There is no selectivity or segregation when it comes to its choice of location. He just goes as he feels to any place. YouTuber often names his videos after his discoveries and adventures.

His AdamTheWoo and TheDailyWoo YouTube channels have garnered excellent viewership over the years, as well as tons of subscribers numbering in the hundreds of thousands. AdamTheWoo is his main YouTube channel, but he posts about his daily explorations on TheDailyWoo.

Adam the Woo started blogging in 2009. He started in St. Cloud, his Florida hometown. His first recorded video as The Crazy, Bearded Happy Halloween Guy wasn’t meant to push him to greater feats. But Adam, who also worked for a company, was so encouraged and kept producing more videos. After a few years, he quit his job to devote himself entirely to vlogging. Back then, all he needed was mobility and a camera to capture his discoveries. To acquire them, he sold his possessions, left his apartment in Saint-Cloud and got into his van. His van became his home and a source of mobility which he used to visit different cities and places.

Adam the Woo often travels in his trailer dubbed ‘LargeMarge’ and has covered a variety of locations around the country. He also owns a drone which he named “The Majestic”. With The Majestic, he covers high profile destinations giving his viewers crisp aerial shots of his adventures. Adam then moved into a new apartment in South Carolina and also bought a large pickup truck after trading in the old van.

His net worth

During his busy days, the YouTube sensation made a lot of money from his adventures. With over 200,000 followers and over 40,000 views, Adamthewoo has established itself as a worthy pedestal in the social media world when it comes to its presence and financial status. He earns thousands of dollars daily as his viewership has steadily increased. However, his exact net worth is not known as he has never shared such information with the media.

Does he have a girlfriend?

While the YouTube star has captured the hearts of many with her creative videos, little or less is known about her personal life. We already know that Adam is quite secretive when it comes to his personal life. He did not share details regarding his love life, relationships and affairs. As a result, it’s hard to say whether he has a girlfriend or not.

What happened to him?

Adam the Woo became an internet sensation and gradually rose to fame with tons of fans and followers flocking to his channels. However, after more than six years of touring, filming, and editing, it seemed like the YouTuber was going on hiatus in 2017. Fans and stakeholders alike were left wondering what must have happened to him.

But we can recall that in September 2017, Adam announced that he would end the channel citing various reasons. He had cited several factors ranging from the pressure to keep his audience, to fatigue and many more, as a reason for withdrawing from the screens.