It’s pretty interesting to see what people are up to. Alex Hayes is one of the most fascinating personalities who can go the extra mile to get into the limelight. Currently, he is known as a surfer, YouTube vlogger and Instagram star who rose to popularity after performing a fake stunt.

He has since moved on to creating interesting visual content which is uploaded to his social media platforms including his YouTube channel titled Alexhayessurf. Some of his most popular YouTube videos include: his intro video, his adventure videos, and some clips with his friends. He is undoubtedly a fun character to discover. Keep reading to learn more about Alex Hayes.

Biography of Alex Hayes

Alex Hayes was born on January 28, 1998 in Sydney, Australia, into the “Millennials” generation. Her birthstone is Garnet, while her birth flower is Carnation. Also, 11 is his life path number. Although the star has yet to reveal more information about his childhood or the schools he attended, what has become abundantly clear is that he has always been a very adventurous kid who loves trying new things. things. It is therefore not surprising that he learned to surf and became very good at it.

Hayes then used his surfing skills to launch an online career where he posted photos of his adventures. It was one of those images that made him the internet sensation he is today.

Family life and girlfriend of Alex Hayes

When it comes to handing out information or family details, Alex Hayes doesn’t feel like revealing it to the public, at least not yet. This means that the names of his parents are unknown. However, it is known that he has a brother named Josh Hayes.

In terms of marriage, Alex is not yet married. He is currently more focused on building his personal brand on his various social media pages. Despite this, he once had a romantic relationship with Eva Gutowski (a YouTube artist with over 9.8 million subscribers). While the main reason the two split up hasn’t been disclosed, it appears the breakup happened because Eva claimed Alex was only dating her to get more followers. So far, Alex Hayes seems to be enjoying the single life as he hasn’t revealed any changes in his relationship status.

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Alex Hayes Celebrity Facts

  • Controversial Rise To Fame

The fame of Alex Hayes is the result of a stunt. He took a photo of himself surfing near a shark and posted it on his Instagram page. Amazingly, the picture went viral in a very short time, to the point that people started praising him for his bravery and bravery. (an Australian media) also praised him for this act. Unfortunately, the photo was quickly faked and he was greatly upset at the deception. In his defense, he said he never expected the picture to take so long.

After the hoax saga died down, he still had fans who followed him on his various social media platforms (Youtube and Instagram) to follow his subsequent activities. Some of these activities include: surfing, outdoor adventures, and fun time with close friends. He has so far recorded a YouTube subscription of over 300,000 and an Instagram account of over 600,000.

Alex Hayes has been able to build a stable brand for himself as a surfer and social media personality on Youtube, as well as Instagram. In 2018, his net worth was estimated at $300,000.

  • Body height and structure

Alex Hayes is a handsome young man who has an impressive height which complements his looks. He stands tall at 183cm (6ft) and has a lean and muscular body structure. Besides that, he has blonde hair, as well as a pair of blue eyes, which makes him a crush on a good number of female fans.