The stunning Alex Holley is an award-winning television host who has carved out a niche for himself in American journalism. Although she is a young black woman, she has achieved a feat that many journalists would never achieve throughout their careers. Alex is quite good at what she does and her various accolades are clear testimonials. She currently hosts the Good Morning Philadephia morning show alongside Mike Jerrick.

Alex Holley – Bio (Age)

She was born Alexandrya Holley in Irving, Texas on May 4, 1985. She grew up hoping to be an actress while seeking a job as a waitress on the side. Her parents, on the other hand, wanted her to be a pilot or an astronaut. The only child of Glenn Holley and Sharyn Holley, Alex grew up with the love and support of his parents. Her mother even left her 28-year career to spend her senior year of high school with her. She was director of human resources at American Airlines in 2006.

Alex’s parents attest to the fact that she was very open and forthright as a child, but they didn’t know what to make of it. Alex Holley admits to falling in love with broadcasting while in high school. His first taste was the daily announcer for his high school football team. She came up with creative sketches for students to prepare for football matches. She admits to thinking, “I can do this for a living.”

In 2007, Alex enrolled at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where she studied journalism with a double minor in sociology and Spanish. In 2009, she began working as a reporter, anchor and producer at KOMU-TV Columbia, Missouri. Alex then went to work at WMBF-TV in Myrtle Beach, SC as a morning anchor and reporter. He covered various live reports.

In 2014, Alex Holley landed a coveted position on the Good Day in Philadelphia show with Fox 29. After joining Jerrick on the Good Day in Philadelphia, it took fans of the program a while to like her and their major complaint was that she was too young. In turn, she began to know the city and made it known and loved. She admits to sometimes going to two events a day just so people get to know her. It was from her constant outings that she got the idea to start a weekly segment called Alex in Town where she reports on cool places and places in town.

Alex has grown as a co-presenter and even takes the lead when her partner is away. She recently had a family reunion with her parents and made an appearance on the show.

Alex Holley is, among other things, a presenter of ‘’ – an innovative news site. Alex was nominated for an Emmy in 2016 and claims that means she talks for 4 hours non-stop every day.

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What is Alex Holley net worth?

Alex has had a checkered career. Her co-host, Mike Jerrick, describes her as funny, smart, smart and hard-working. This hard work is what allowed him to get a net worth of over a million dollars.

TV Anchor Facts

1. The amazing Alex Holley was voted homecoming queen twice, once in high school and the other in college.

2. Alex is very active on social media and credited as one of the crucial reasons his career is successful. She is very successful on Facebook and Instagram. She uses these platforms to connect with her viewers.

3. While in college, Alex helped create a community service program for her and her fellow students. The program – SWIPES Make a Difference aims to encourage students to donate their unused meal plans to people in need in their local communities.

4. Traveling is one of Alex’s hobbies. She has traveled to over 11 countries and believes that her exposure to the world has made her versatile and enriched her perspective and viewpoints in her discussions.

5. Around August 2018, Alex Holley had to take time off work to rest his voice, as recommended by his doctor. Apparently his work was beginning to take its toll on his vocal cords.