More than a musician, Alice Cooper is a pioneer of Shock Rock music. He started his theatrical brand of hard rock from the 1970s, introducing horror into rock. When he started, Cooper’s brand of rock and those who listened to him were shocked by what he created. Many years later, not only has he garnered a following, but he also has many people who use his music.

Alice Cooper, real name and age

The world knew him as Alice Cooper, but his real name is Vincent Damon Furnier. He was born on February 4, 1948, in Detroit, Michigan, and was raised in a Christian family with an apostle father and grandfather of the Church of Jesus Chris.

Spending his early years as a church boy just like Cooper would later move with his family to California and then Arizona. His first interest in music started when he was still a boy. At first it seemed like just normal music, but time would prove it to be something different.

For his education, he attended Washington Elementary School before moving to Nankin Mills Jr. High School. Then he went to Cortez High School when his family moved to Arizona.

When Alice Cooper was 16, he formed his first band, The Earwigs which would evolve into The Spiders, then later change to Alice Cooper. In the years to come, Cooper would release nearly 30 albums, including Paranormal (2017), Welcome 2 My Nightmare (2011), The Last Temptation (1994), The Zipper Catches the Skin (1982), Lace and Whiskey (1977 ), Alice Cooper Goes to Hell (1976), Love to Death (1971), Easy Action (1970) and Pretties for You (1969).

Outside of music, Cooper has also made guest appearances in several films, including Diary of a Mad Housewife (1970), Freddy’s Dead: The Last Nightmare (1991), The Attic Expeditions (2001), and Dark Shadows ( 2012).

During his career as a musician, Cooper has won numerous accolades including the Revolver Music Awards, Kerrang! Awards, and the Rock Classic Roll of Honor Awards. It also received two Grammy nominations for Best Music Video, Long Form for Alice Cooper: The Nightmare (1984) and Best Metal Performance for Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn) 1997.

wife and family

Looking at his family life, Cooper is a married man. Before meeting his wife, Alice had relationships in the past. The first woman of whom he was publicly known was Christine Frka who unfortunately died in 1972 following an overdose. He was once again linked to Cindy Lang. Together they lived for a few years before ending their relationship. After the split, Lang, who died in 2017, would sue the musician over Palimony.

Sheryl Goddard is the woman he went to marry in 1976. In 1983, the marriage was heading for the rocks, when Goddard was ready to quit, so she filed for divorce. Luckily for Cooper, he could reconcile with his wife.

Alice and Sheryl Goddard have three children: Calico Cooper, actress and singer born in 1981, Dash (1985) and Sonora Rose (1993).

Net value

Already in 1973, Forbes reported onthe singer already earning millions. Years later, he has scored even bigger successes with his ever-growing music business. Moreover, he stayed with the company for a very long time, being part of the golden age of rock n’ roll in the 1960s and remaining very important for many years after.

Cooper is estimated to have a net worth of $40 million. He was enriched by the success of his musical career through his tours, the sale of albums and many other means. Also, he was able to add something to his fortune through the endorsement deals he made.

In 2010, the hard rocker discovered an Andy Warhol original worth over $10 million. The interesting thing about this discovery is that he had even forgotten that he had the artwork.

Height and width

Vincent Damon Furnier or if you prefer, CooperHe doesn’t have age on his side, but he obviously has a bit of his physique and style. He also has a good height and a slim body. In numbers, he is 1.78 m (5.10 ft) tall and weighs 80.7 kg (178 lb).