If you love comedy, then you must love Kevin Hart. He can be considered one of Hollywood’s finest comedians. He managed to make a name for himself in the crowded entertainment industry. Kevin has also amassed a fair amount of wealth for himself. In 2015, he earned $28.5 million and his net worth is currently estimated at $62 million.

Kevin Hart is rich judging by his net worth. So it’s only natural to imagine the kind of house he lives in and the number of women who pursue him. To satisfy your curiosity, let’s jump straight into the drama about her home and relationship drama.

Who is Kevin Hart’s fiancée?

Kevin is known for his natural humor but he was not kidding in August 2014 when he proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years, Eniko Parrish. Kevin started dating the sexy, long-legged, chick-ass pretty lady in 2009, just before he split from his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, and the relationship grew stronger by the day. He surprised everyone when he asked the big ‘will you marry me’ question with Eniko at his 30th birthday party. His glamorous girlfriend accepted immediately with watery eyes as you would expect.

Eniko is one of the fastest growing models in the United States. Although initially not very popular, her relationship with the award-winning actor helped her rise higher in the hierarchy of popularity.

Do you need a little background on this gorgeous woman? Well, not much is known about her, but from what we have, she was born in Baltimore in 1984 but moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting and modeling career. She is believed to be an Afro-Jamaican possibly mixed with European or Asian ethnicity. Perhaps her mixed ethnicity is one of the reasons for her glamorous good looks. It’s not clear when she started her acting career, only that she met her love in Hollywood.

Although Kevin cited irreconcilable differences in his divorce from ex-wife Torrei Hart, she contradicted him by saying that Eniko Parrish was the reason for the split. Hart’s former wife and her fiancé fought a tough battle on social media. Torrei even dubbed Eniko a goalkeeper wanting to reap where she didn’t sow. Unsurprisingly, Kevin chose to defend his fiancée by claiming the accusations were false. The animosity seems to have ended when the comedian intervened. Kevin has set the wedding date for August 8, 2016.

Kevin Hart’s house

Owning a home is a huge feat that many can only wish for and arguably one of the greatest accomplishments in anyone’s life, especially at a young age. Although Kevin is capable of buying a house given his wealth, he has yet to do so. With his fiancée Eniko, he currently lives in a rented house in Los Angeles, California.

It is speculated that Kevin would buy or build a new house after marrying Eniko.