Amanda Bucci is a fitness model/health entrepreneur known for her workout routines, diets, as well as her namesake brand. Bucci has gained through his podcast, YouTube channel, Instagram and other social platforms a broad media presence and following that has become a tool to spread his brand around the world.

She has over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 500k followers on Instagram. His podcast titled Bucci Radio can be listened to on SoundCloud, Google Play and even on iTunes. Today Bucci is celebrated as a fitness model, but also as an educator, one of the best you will find in the country. Nevertheless, she didn’t become famous overnight, it’s a story of determination and hard work. She has done everything possible to build a brand that has paid off over time. Here is his story.

Biography of Amanda Bucci

Bucci was born in Rhode Island on July 6, 1993. Her mother’s name is Linda, while her father’s name is not known. Amanda and her sister Danielle were both raised in the smallest US state of Rhode Island.

Born with a natural sporting talent, growing up, Bucci tried her hand at many sporting pursuits, including lacrosse and soccer, but soon discovered she was not cut out for team sports and sought an alternative.


When she was only fifteen, her grandfather, a former world champion powerlifter encouraged her to join a local gym, which marked the start of her career in the fitness world. She spent the next few years lifting weights and training to achieve her dream figure. During this time, she learned the big three lifts; bench press, deadlift and squats which have helped her a lot on her journey.

With her progress, her parents encouraged her to take part in a fitness show and in 2013, at the age of twenty, Amanda Bucci took part in the show and debuted in two divisions; Bikini Novice A Class and the Bikini Debut. Despite her amateur status, she earned a second place finish in the Bikini Debut category and a trophy in the Bikini Novice A Class category.

These successes motivated her to choose a career in the field of athletics and to reach more and more people ready to take a fitness journey. In 2015, Bucci earned a nursing degree from the University of Rhode Island. She explained that it was a combination of her natural inclination to nurture others and the fact that it was a steady job she could thrive in.

Amanda soon gave up her nursing career as she realized that a traditional career path was the opposite of what she wanted. So the following years see her enter for more competitions (six to be precise), place in the top three overall and add two more trophies to her collection.

She then became more and more involved in the fitness world and started fitness coaching and training. To raise awareness and give some visibility, she took to social media and shared her thoughts and experiences about the world with Youtube and Instagram.

Today, Amanda Bucci is the founder and CEO of Bucci Radio Podcast, where she interviews guests, shares stories of personal/professional value, educates, and provides fitness advice, among other things. She also runs an online fitness coaching academy, which operates a certification program for fitness trainers and an online influencer academy for aspiring fitness trainers.

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In 2017, she enrolled in the Mastermind program with the legendary master of greatness – Lewis Howes. According to her, her coaching program opened her mind to the magic of business, entrepreneurship and how she could influence her world through creation. greater impacts.

More facts about the model and YouTuber from Rhode Island

She once dated fellow YouTuber and fitness personality Brian DeCosta.

Other Bucci influencers include Nick Cheadle, Matt Ogus and Layne Norton.

Amanda trains in the gym 5-6 days a week and performs around 15-20 reps per exercise.

She is a strong advocate of the IIFYM weight loss diet. She believes in eating a variety of foods that you can eat at once instead of following a restrictive plan.