Ariadna Juarez is an American social media celebrity who drew a lot of attention to herself when she was told that she was dating a minor who was around 5 years old. Previously, Ariadna had already established herself as a model, YouTube beauty blogger and social media influencer. On her YouTube channel, she also posts product reviews and travel recordings.

Although many people may have actually come to know her due to her relationship with an underage girl, the vlogger has more to offer. Therefore, we are going to tell you everything we know about it in the following paragraphs.

Ariadna Juarez Bio (Age)

Ariadna was born in Dallas, Texas, United States of America on May 5, 2000. She was raised alongside her sister, whom she featured in some of her videos. For now, Ariadna Juarez has not disclosed any information regarding her parents, her childhood and the schools she attended. However, we know how it all started in the last years of her life that she is famous for.

From a young age, she was drawn to modeling and everything to do with it, including fashion and makeup. Ariadna Juarez as a result of this participated in the Miss Teen Dallas beauty pageant in Texas in 2015, which she won. She then graced the cover of QNM magazine in its August 2015 issue.

The following year, on March 10, she created her self-titled YouTube channel. On the channel, the former Miss Teen Dallas Texas Latina posts beauty/makeup tutorials, prank videos, challenge videos, or just about anything that interests her and her audience. In October 2017, she posted her first video Soft glowy glam followed by Easy Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial. Other popular videos on the channel are Sorpresa De Embarazo, Eyebrow Tutorial, Get Ready With Me – Prom 2018, etc. Ariadna has managed to attract a fan following that numbers in the hundreds of thousands and hopefully with more to come.

Boyfriend of The Instagram and YouTube Star?

The choice of partner that a celebrity has will always be something their fans would love to have a say in, especially when it defies the norm. For Ariadna Juarez, when words were exchanged about her relationship with a certain Damian Gurrusquieta, 5 years old and still a minor, she received many negative reactions online and was forced to speak out about her relationship with the boy .

YouTuber replied that “maturity is not determined by age” and, furthermore, she revealed that before officially starting their relationship, they and Damian’s parents had consulted a lawyer about the legality of their relationship. relationship and had been told that nothing is wrong with their dating as long as there is no sexual contact between them.

However, despite all these explanations, many people insisted that she was a child abuser. Thus, with heavy criticism at the expense of the couple; their love life and career, they thought it best to part ways.

From what we gathered about Damian Gurrusquieta, he was born on May 8, 2005 in Dallas, Texas. Just like Ariadna, he is also a social media personality who vlogs and entertains with his comedic personality.

As of now, it’s unknown if Ariadna Juarez has had a relationship with anyone else, but given her revelation that she would wait until Damian grew up before marrying him, it’s unlikely the beauty blogger is looking to find the right partner. love elsewhere.

Other Facts About Ariadna Juarez

Ariadna Juarez has an estimated net worth of around $200,000 by some sources. Others claim it can go up to $500,000. Although we haven’t authenticated any of these figures yet, we can all agree that the youngster earns a lot from her online activities.

Ariadna stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) and weighs around 55 kg (121 lb). Her bust measures 33 inches, her waist (28 inches) and her hips (35 inches). Ariana has dark brown eyes and brown hair.

On Facebook you can find her with her name Ariadna Juarez, her Instagram account is @arivdna, while on Twitter you can follow and contact her through @Arivdna.