Parents are the first and strongest example their children see and imitate as they grow up. This statement is true in most cases, especially in the case of Ashley Burgos. It seems as if Ashley, from the moment of her birth has followed her famous role model mother, Bernice Burgos.

Like her mother, Ashley is making a career for herself as an Instagram star, a model, and an entrepreneur. She hasn’t reached the heights that her mother did, but she’s fine. Perhaps the one area where Ashley falls short of her mother’s accomplishments is in the controversies and number of high-profile relationships.

Ashley is as curvy as her mother and portrays a spitter of it too. Here’s everything you need to know about the model and upcoming businesswoman.

Ashley Burgos – Bio (Age)

Ashley Marie Burgos was born on May 9, 1996 in NewYork City, the circumstances of her birth were far from ideal. Ashley’s mother, Bernice, gave birth to her when she was 15. Bernice was already living pretty hard, trying to fend for herself by doing odd jobs while staying with her grandmother. She did everything including the waiting tables and the bartender.

She was impregnated with Ashley by her boyfriend when she was 19 at the time. When she got pregnant, Bernice was kicked out of the house and had to stay with her boyfriend’s mother. She would eventually leave too when she could no longer take the physical abuse from her daddy. She opted to have and raise Ashley on her own as a model and video vixen.

Neither Ashley Burgos nor her mother have released any information regarding Ashley’s growing years, academic experience or any other details. Ashley is following in her mother’s footsteps and pursuing a career as a model and entrepreneur. She is also very active on social networks, especially Instagram, and has attracted an ever-growing clientele that continues to grow.

Ashley Burgos’ family: her father and daughter

As previously reported, Ashley’s mom had her with her then-boyfriend. However, Bernice Burgos remains the only parent Ashley has known. She never knew her father and Bernice chose to continue on this path, mainly because of her experience with him. She also kept details about him away from the media.

Ashley’s situation as a young adultthat the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. While her mother had her at 15, Ashley repeated the story of having her own child with her boyfriend, when she was 21 at the time. Ashley gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Amarie, in March 2018.

The circumstances of Ashley’s pregnancy made her the youngest and happiest grandmother, with Bernice becoming a grandmother at 37. Bernice took to Instagram to confirm the Ashley pregnancy rumor and to dissuade haters from wanting to put Ashley down.

Shortly before Amarie’s arrival, Ashley Burgos’ mother threw a special Aladdin-themed baby shower for her and her friends. It was on this occasion that Ashley revealed the identity of her baby daddy. He is known simply as Bubba. He is said to be a businessman and entrepreneur, like Ashley and her mother.

Ashley doesn’t appear to have been in a series of relationships like her mother. Bernice was in a relationship with a few household names like Duck , TI and Marion Knight over the years. Ashley, however, seems to be attached to her boyfriend and her baby, Bubba.

Amarie will not have to go through the difficulties encountered by her mother and grandmother. She was raised by a loving mother and a devoted grandmother.

Other Facts About Ashley Burgos

1. Ashley’s boyfriend, Bubba, has been ran over by many tabloids is divorced. They claimed his previous marriage had just ended shortly before he started dating Ashley. This has neither been confirmed nor denied

2. Ashley is helping her mom with her business venture called Bold and Beautiful. The company manufactures and markets a collection of women’s sleepwear, ranging from sports-inspired models to more sensual and seductive models. Ashley and Bernice collaborate to improve their line’s designs.

3. According to some online sources, Ashley stands at a pretty tall 5ft 1in

4. Ashley also has a younger sister, Sarai. Bernice gave birth to Sarai ten years after Ashley was born.