Ashley Lovelace was a lovely lady who came to fame as a social media personality. Although she only opened her Instagram account in 2018, her beauty and grace attracted a lot of followers to her home that by January 2019 the account had already grown to over half a million followers. Sadly, she didn’t live a long life, having taken her own life in early 2019 following a case of bullying and a number of other personal battles she had.

Biography of Ashley Lovelace

The social media star was born at AbingtonHospital in Abington, Pennsylvania as Ashley Monet Lovelace on November 7, 2002, to Terrance Lovelace and Stacey Pak. It was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that she was first raised until she moved to Las Vegas at the age of five.

She grew up as a beautiful child who could attract people and light up wherever she went, thanks to her beauty, humor and free spirit. She had three siblings – Yunte, Keyan and Maya, as well as two step-siblings, Amir and Talisha.

In June 2018, she opened her Instagram account, Misslovelacee, posting photos of herself as well as videos of herself singing songs or dancing. In a short time, her charm and grace had already attracted many followers, helping her amass 500,000 followers on the account. In one of the videos she uploaded, she announced that she was making a video for her YouTube channel which didn’t get very far before she lost her life.

What happened to him?

Ashley died on January 21, 2019, at the age of 16 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Her death was announced on her Instagram account by her mother who said no one was responsible for the death, including her friends and her boyfriend.

Reportedly, Ashley Lovelace was depressed for some time before her death. She allegedly had a self-inflicted cut on her wrist. Sadly, on the date given above, the young social media personality committed suicide by mouth, resulting in his death.

Before the tragic event, Ashley was going through a lot. One of them concerns an alleged video of herself having sex with her boyfriend. The clip was allegedly filmed at her school, causing many other students, including some of her close friends, to laugh at her. That said, there is no confirmation of this claim.

What is known to be true, however, is that for some time before her death, she became a victim of online bullying. She was subjected to extreme bullying by a young man known as Tyler Edmonds (BarbiiDaBully), who resides in Chicago in amateur adult films and works as a cashier. Tyler would also identify as transgender.

Someone who proudly describes himself as a bully, Tyler targeted Ashley whom he bullied on social media until her death, after which he came out claiming he doesn’t feel sorry that she died because that he intimidated her. He also added in a video that bullying is his specialty.

There are other young people who have also claimed to have been bullied by Tyler, including a YouTuber, Leah.

After Ashley Lovelace’s death, a GoFundMe account was set up by her birth mother, seeking to raise $50,000 with the goal of starting the Ashley Lovelace Foundation as a building for Lovelace’s legacy. Additionally, the proposed foundation, which would be called the ALL Foundation, aims to raise awareness about cyberbullying and suicide prevention, as well as help teens and adults deal with depression.

Four months after its creation, the account has only been able to raise less than a thousand dollars.

Facts About Ashley Lovelace

1. Height: A very beautiful woman, Ashley was 5 feet 2 inches tall

2. Social Media Activities: As noted, she had a good following on social media during her lifetime. Even after her death, she continued to gain followers, especially on her Instagram account.

3. Her mother is Korean: Ashley revealed in her only YouTube video that her mother is Korean. Because of this, many people think she speaks more than one language. However, English is the only language she knows.

4. His father is African American: With a Korean mother who is also half Hawaiian, his father is a black man.