Popular YouTuber Ashtyn Joslyn who caught the public eye as one half of YouTube duo Ashtyn & Jon is best known for her pranks, travel videos, challenge and reaction video. The channel which has amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers with millions of video views was launched in collaboration with her boyfriend Jon. Ashtyn & Jon has become the toast of several YouTubers visiting their entertainment channel.

However, Ashtyn is much more besides being a YouTube star; she is a model as well as a travel vlogger with her own personal brand aside from her partnership with her boyfriend. She became an actress when she joined the cast of Zombi – a 2016 film which starred her. This article traces the professional and personal life of the Internet star.

Biography of Ashtyn Joslyn

Very little is known about the social media sensation’s family life but she was born and named Ashtyn Sommer Joslyn in Burnsville, Minnesota on June 24, 1994. Her parents’ identities have been accurately established as Anthony Tony Joslyn and Michelle Joslyn but there is no indication of a possible sibling It is common knowledge that she spent her formative years in Farmington, Minnesota.

Ashtyn studied at Lakeville South High School and graduated in 2013, but it is unknown if she went to college. During her high school days, she met her future boyfriend Jon whom she teamed up with to launch the Ashtyn & Jon YouTube channel with an admirable subscription level that topped 150,000 and over 37 million views. Their videos which are numerous consist of entertainment routines like viral game challenges, pranks, vlogs as well as reactions.

While she came into the limelight through Ashtyn & Jon, Ashtyn has since grown on her own, creating her YouTube channel Ashtyn Summer where she uploads vlogs of herself reacting to certain events, experiences and news. She also publishes her travel blogs about her tours around the world; the channel currently has over 15,000 subscribers.

Away from YouTube, Ashtyn has a presence on Instagram with over 29,000 subscribers. She also enjoys an enviable presence on Twitter and Snapchat. It’s important to note that the YouTube star isn’t the only celebrity in her family, Lyn Anderson – the famous country musician is her distant cousin.

All about the famous YouTuber

His personal life, partner and daughter

Although she has never been married, Ashtyn Joslyn enjoys a happy and fulfilling relationship with her YouTube partner Jon. Their relationship started way back in high school where they met. Ironically, Jon and Ashtyn were involved in other relationships at the time, but as they say love always finds its own way even in the dark, they started dating in 2012 shortly before his graduation, the following year in 2013.

It may not have been a planned move, but things accelerated very quickly between the lovebirds because about a year after the start of their relationship, their daughter Zoe announced her arrival in December 2013. The duo have remained faithful to their relationship. after more than six years.

Ashtyn Joslyn Net Worth

The social media sensation has recorded a good level of progress as his fame equals progress with his wealth. Thanks to his many endeavors including his earnings from YouTube and acting, Ashtyn Joslyn’s net worth is estimated to be around $150,000 and may increase in the near future.

Ashtyn is on the big side

A casual look across the popular YouTuber’s Instagram page reveals a curvy woman with a remarkable physique; she looks so fit that it could well be left in doubt that she has already had a child. Through exercises and routine workouts, Ashtyn Joslyn was able to maintain an admirable build in a body standing 5 feet 8 inches tall, balancing on a weight proportionate to

Her curves which caught the attention of several fans on social media consist of 36 inches for her bust, 25 for waist and 36 for hip, summarized as 36-25-36 in a body shape which can be described as a pear. His other distinctive features include his gray eyes and brown-colored hair; she has an inscription in the form of a tattoo and wears a shoe size of 8.5 UK. However, her physical attributes had a hand when she went under the knife to have nose surgery.