History tells the story of so many great dancers who defined their era through their creative dance styles. Autumn Miller is following the same path as those who came before her. She may be remembered as one of the great historical dancers of her generation for years to come.

The dancer from Canada is an acclaimed and beloved dance prodigy who has captured the spotlight on the dance floor since she was little. She has received acclaim from many quarters for her passionate and intense dance styles. Her routines show that she is not only passionate, but has had extensive dance training. Not satisfied with a one-shot career, Miller also showed her versatility and ability to multi-task when she got into modeling. For her modeling endeavors, Autumn has previously worked with top brands from different industries.

Autumn Miller Biography, Age

The fierce dancer was born on August 2, 2001, in Orange County, California. Autumn always had a nudge in her step from the young age of five. Her parents would often catch her dancing whenever a song came on and sometimes in absolute silence. Noticing his taste for art, his parents decided to exploit this potential. They enrolled her in California’s prestigious dance academy, Dance Precisions.

Autumn, also known as ‘Autie’ had it in her and flourished. Dancing was all she had. She regularly participated in dance performances at her school while training at Dance Precisions. The academy has grilled her in the art of dance across a myriad of genres including lyrical, acro, ballet, jazz, and hip hop, among others. Autumn Miller stepped things up in 2010 when she started competing in more elite dance competitions. She has participated in the Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, Starpower Dance Competition and MOVE Dance Competition Nationals.

Her dancing career has also seen her do collaborative routines – duets, trios and group routines – with fellow dancers including Sarah Shepherd, Tori Wade, Krista Miller, Kennedy Smith, Sean Lew, Audrey Lee, Samantha Orellana and d ‘others. Some of the dance routines she performed while at Dance Precisions include jazz and lyrical renditions of songs such as ‘Elvis Rocks’, ‘We Won’t Be Banned’, ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Party Girl. “.

In 2011, she joined the Mathers Dance Company (MDC). With them, Miller performed on songs like “California Girls,” “Beauty and the Beat,” and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

When she was much younger, the dancer appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and later on Disney’s Shake It Up. She was also one of the child dancers in the 2010 music video for Willow Smith’s single Whip My Hair. While building a renowned career in dance, Autumn Miller also ventured into modeling. This saw him appear in adverts and promos for well-known brands like Hasbro, Razor Scooters, Dreamworks, McDonald’s, Walmart, Nickelodeon and Go-Go Puppy. She has also done modeling campaign shoots for brands like Pearl Yukiko, Katrina Active Wear, Hyundai, Target and Sketchers, among others.

The professional dancer also has a YouTube channel called ‘Autiefreestylefriday’. Most of his routines on the channel are freestyle and enhance routines. She launched the channel on September 9, 2011. The energetic and unique dance routines that she uploads to her channel have worked well with her fan base, not to mention, it has also helped grow her following on the platform to more of 360,000 subscribers in June. 2019. In the same period, his channel has over 200 videos, which have collectively garnered over 80 million views.

Autumn Miller Family, Parents

Not much is known about the family that Fall Miller is coming from. Along with her professional accomplishments which she willingly shares with the world, the cum dancer has chosen to keep the more personal details of her life out of sight. The only information available regarding his family is the names of his parents and his little brother. Her father’s name is Cory Miller, her mother’s name is Krista Miller, and her younger brother’s name is Harbor Miller. Autumn enjoys spending time with her family and close friends whenever she is not working.

Dancer Facts

  1. Autumn Miller offers at least 30 hours of dance practice each week. Whenever she can find the time, she also helps train dancers at Technique & Improve, a dance academy owned by her mother.
  2. In 2019, she appeared in the music video for Imagine Dragons song “Bad Liars”.
  3. For her career, according to her YouTube channel, the dancer is represented by a talent agency known as KBM Talents.
  4. Besides YouTube, Miller has also developed a tremendous following on Instagram with around 1.3 million followers on the platform.
  5. Miller’s father and brother also each run their own YouTube channel.
  6. Autie has a dog she named DJ.