Undoubtedly one of CNN’s best-known faces, Becky Anderson has been one of the news network’s top-rated anchors for so many years. The British journalist, who has gained a good reputation and a massive following, thanks to her repeated display of knowledge on different topics from all over the world, can be seen presenting the prime time current affairs program listening on CNN International’s Connect the World. Read on to learn more about his life outside the studio and his journey to primetime news coverage.

the biography

Becky Anderson was born Rebecca Anderson on November 15, 1967, in Manchester, England. The names of his parents and details of his childhood are not known. It is also not known where she received her first education.

For her college education, Anderson attended the University of Sussex, where she passed the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in economics and French. Her next move was to travel to the United States to enroll at Arizona State University for a master’s degree in mass communications, after which she decided to pursue a career in journalism. She first worked in the print media, as a journalist for various trade publications before moving to broadcast media.

Becky Anderson’s first jobs in broadcast media were a reporter at EBN; then CNBC Europe. She then worked for organizations like the BBC and Bloomberg before finding what turned out to be a permanent home at CNN in the late 1990s. Anderson first hosted a show called World Business Morning, where she first discussed all things finance before later incorporating a bunch of different other topics.

Besides her reporting, she has also conducted interviews with some of the most important people of our time and covered a number of historical moments. She has notably interviewed Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and actors and musicians like Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga, among others. In terms of events, she covered the 2003 Iraq war, the 2006 Lebanese-Israeli issue, the 2012 UK election, and more.

Personal Details and Family

Being someone who makes a living by researching and digging up information about other people and stories about different incidents from around the world, Becky Anderson seems to have put her knowledge of finding information to good use, because one does not knows nothing of his life outside the workplace. As mentioned above, the identity of her parents and whether or not she has any siblings are not known. It’s also unclear if Anderson is married or in a relationship. Her relationship history cannot be found and there is no way to know if she has any children.

Becky Anderson Net Worth

According to the CNN website, news anchors earn annual salaries ranging from forty thousand dollars ($40,000) to several million dollars. This figure largely depends on seniority, viewership/market response and how much experience he has. With that, it should come as no surprise to find that the CNN International anchor and correspondent, who has spent more than two decades with the network, earns a monthly salary of forty thousand dollars ($40,000) and an annual salary of four hundred and eighty thousand dollars ($480,000).

When it comes to her net worth, there are conflicting reports on what exactly she might be worth. A few publications estimate her to be worth $3 million while another put the figure much higher at $10 million. Either way, Anderson is definitely one of the highest earning people on the network, though she still has a long way to go to catch up to fellow cast members like Anderson Cooper, Richard Quest, and Wolf Blitzer.

The journalist, who is quite active with her 5,000 Instagram followers and 66,000 Twitter followers, in the past has been suggested as gay. No information was provided to support this claim, and Anderson herself never came forward to deny or accept the allegations. The homosexual rumors could stem from the lack of information about a possible spouse, but since no one seems to know anything, all options are still being considered.