Rebecca Quick, also known as Becky Quick, is the gorgeous and talented journalist and TV host from the United States who has touched lives through her media activities.

Becky, who was once a waitress and bartender, also wowed people with her exceptional communication skills and enduring beauty.

She is also famous for being the co-anchorCo-anchor of CNBC financial news, she presents “Squawk Box” and “On The Money”. Due to her mind-blowing knowledge and skills as a journalist, she is one of the few people to have successfully interviewed powerful investors including Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, Jamie Dimon and various presidents.

Becky Quick Married, Husband, Separated

Despite his successes as a journalist, Quick’s journey into marriage has been controversial.

Becky has been married twice. The first was on January 22, 2006, she married her longtime boyfriend, Peter Shay, a computer programmer. But, the happy marriage turned sour over undisclosed issues. They broke up in 2008.

A year after her marriage to Shay ended, Becky married CNBC executive producer Matthew Quayle who also married but divorced.

Quayle is a financial market analyst who was born in the United States of America. His nationality is American and he is of white ethnicity. He currently works as a senior adviser to CNBC’s international morning program, also known as Global Exchange.

The happy – but secret – union between the two has made Becky the stepmother to Matthew’s two daughters, her previous marriage – Natalie and Kimiko. out of 15

On 15 th August 2011, Rebecca gave birth to a son, Kyle.Nathaniel Quayle and five years later in October 2016 she gave birth to a daughter whom they named Kyle Noel Quayle. The names of Matthew’s two daughters are Kimiko and Natalie.

Becky and Matthew have been together since their marriage, she said she has no intention of letting go of her marriage.

Net worth Becky Quick

Besides being a talented and successful woman, Becky is rich! Last year, she had a net worth of around $4 million. But with an annual salary of around a thousand dollars, we think his financial worth is growing rapidly. Most of Becky’s salary comes from her work at CNBC.

Becky Quick Wiki, Bio

Rebecca “Becky” Quick was born on July 18, 1972. She attended Rutgers University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1993.

Becky however grew up in Indiana, Ohio, Texas and Oklahoma but was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America to American parents.

In college, she was the editor of The DailyTargum newspaper for the year 1992 – 1993. Around this time, she also completed a two-summer internship at Capitol Hill while pursuing her undergraduate studies.

She earned a Times Mirror Fellowship from Rutgers Journalism Resources Institute.

From 1993 to 2001, she joined CNBC, she was the managing editor and reporter for The Wall Street Journal, covering the retail, e-commerce, technology and media sectors, as well as the managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, Europe and The Asian Wall Street Journal.

During her career, Becky has interviewed some of the world’s most influential investors and energy brokers, including three US presidents.

After being at The Wall Street Journal in 2001, she eventually joined CNBC for about five years. She currently co-hosts the channel’s financial news show, ‘Squawk Box’, alongside Joe Kernen and Andrew Ross Sorkin. She also hosts “On the Money.”

On October 28 , 2015, she was the co-moderator of the Republican Presidential Debate. She even moderated a panel of conferences, including Microsoft CEO Conference and Fortune’s Most Powerful Women’s Conference. Becky is based at CNBC’s headquarters in New Jersey.

Becky is currently 45 years old and stands proud at the height of 1.64 meters. She has white skin and blond hair. She looks very fresh and below her real age and has a well-structured body and a perfect hourglass figure.

A few facts about Rebecca (Becky) Quick

Date of birth / birthday July 18, 1972
Net value $4 million
Age 45 years old
Married / Spouse Matt Quayle
Large size 5′ 4½” (1.64m)


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