The number of internet born celebrities continues to increase day by day as Berleezy (Berlin Edmond) joins the long queue. He is a YouTuber who has made a name for himself with his eponymous channel where he is known for sharing hilarious videos. Most popular among his videos is the Series Exposé which he uses to condemn characters from several television series. He is also an avid gamer and owns another channel known as iBerleezy which he uses exclusively for video games.

Edmond is one of those internet comics that entertains their fans through unconventional methods, leveraging his quirky sense of humor to make his audience laugh as he exploits different approaches. Along with his Exposed videos, his skits are quite unique and hilarious. Away from YouTube, the social media sensation is a remarkable vlogger, his presence is also felt on Instagram and Twitter. On his personality, he comes across as an outspoken, funny, crazy guy who likes to do weird things. Although he hasn’t featured all of his family members on his channel yet, he does bring his mom to his YouTube videos from time to time.

Berleezy Bio (Age)

Born in California, on December 16, 1992, Berleezy makes the most of his perfection. Obviously a citizen of the United States of America, he is of African American ethnicity. Information about the identities of his parents and siblings continues to elude the media, although his mother has made appearances in several of his videos. There’s also no update on where he spent his formative years, but his star sign is Sagittarius.

The famous YouTuber is an alumnus of California State University, Fullerton, officially called Orange County State College. He graduated in 2017 but his course has never been shared. Along the same lines, information about his early education is sadly missing from the image.

Although he started his YouTube channel Berleezyle on September 11, 2012, he did not share any videos until 2013. Initially, all of his videos were a bunch of fun vlogs, but eventually he started uploading a wider variety of videos and then began sharing his Exposed series – made up of satirical videos where he jokes about fictional characters including Phineas, Kim Possible, Ferb, Dora the Explorer, Scooby Doo and many more. His video uploads showed off his weird sense of humor and he also collaborated with his mother, sharing interesting details about themselves.

Who is Berleezy Girlfriend?

It may be because he is an individual but information exists about his past relationships with the opposite sex and it is unknown if he is currently seeing anyone, as his name has never been linked to a woman. . But then he could have a roll in the hay with a girl and keep it secret and confidential.

the size

Speaking of his body stats, the YouTuber’s body measurements have never been made public. His height and weight have never been brought to the attention of the media and his shoe and cloth size are not known. However, as expected from an African, the famous YouTuber comes with dark hair and black eyes.

Other Facts About Berleezy

1. He featured Chino Alpha Wolf – a famous Filipino YouTuber and comedian in his June 2016 video titled “I Dare You”.

2. Currently, her YouTube channel has garnered over 1.3 million subscriptions, her most watched videos include “Phineas & Ferb: Exposed”, “Dora the Explorer: Exposed”, Everyday Bro: Exposed. These videos are really funny, gaining millions of views.

3. Its second channel titled iBerleezy went live on June 14, 2016. The channel dedicated to video games featured games such as The Conjuring House, Sims 4, Fortnite Battle Royale, Bully, The Walking Dead and many more.

4. You will find amazingly amazing games among its collections including The Walking Dead: Season 1 and ‘Outlast no 1 First Gaming Video WTF.

5. As a gaming channel, “iBerleezy has built an admirable level of popularity, earning over 522,000 subscribers in June 2019. Edmond also has a presence on Snapchat with the nickname berlinedmond.