Whatever your hand finds to do, do it diligently with all your might, and this is more than just a suggestion. Betsy Woodruff, an extremely talented and skilled American political journalist, has not only fully embraced her career with all the diligence she can muster, but has also produced tremendous results.

Through her hard work, she has carved out a niche for herself in the overly competitive field. Since 2015, she has held the reins as a reporter for The Daily Beast. She has also worked with Slate and National Review. Here are all the interesting details you should know about this handsome TV personality, including her family information as well as her marital status and height.

Betsy Woodruff bio

She was born on October 31, 1989 in Purcellville, Virginia, United States. As a child, she started showing signs of greatness and hinting at what she is likely to do for most of her life. From there, she demonstrated good writing and report writing skills and eventually graduated from Hillsdale College in English in 2012. During her studies, Betsy also showed elite academic abilities which she has also used as a member of the school’s journalism program and has also worked as a writer for several other independent media outlets.

For the first two years after her college education, she worked at the National Journal Institute which earned her the William F. Buckley Fellowship. After which she landed a job as a political writer for the Washington Examiner and also worked for the Toledo Free Press.

In March 2015, she took up the position of political reporter for the Daily Beast, a news and opinion website focusing on politics and pop culture, with a quick view of news from around the world. Betsy Woodruff covers a range of topics from campaigns in Capitol Hills to common political issues. Additionally, she has appeared in other shows on other networks such as MSNBC and Fox Business.

family, relatives

Betsy hails from a loving and very supportive family led by Scott Woodruff to whom she credits her work ethic. His mother is Jane Tharp Woodruff, a University of Missouri marketing graduate and former bookstore assistant at the Patrick Henry College Bookstore, who is now a homemaker. The former Woodruff got married on July 9, 1983. While her daughter is very interested in politics and the political business and has even forged a successful career on this pedestal, Jane has no interest in politics.

She grew up with her two siblings, her brother Chris with whom she shares a special bond with her sister Jane. Chris Woodruff works for Life Raft International as Executive Director in Bangkok, where he lives with his family, while Jane Woodruff works for Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig and lives in Leesburg, Virginia. Despite the geographical locations and hectic work schedules that seem to keep the family members apart, they still maintain a strong bond which they easily flaunt on social media platforms.

Woodruff seems to be a popular surname as many other personalities identify, including American television journalist Bob Woodruff. However, when it comes to family, Betsy has been confused with Tusla’s daughter, Oklahoma native Judy Woodruff, a veteran broadcast journalist who is currently anchor and managing editor of PBS NewsHour. Judy has been on the journalism scene since 1976 and has worked in network, cable and public television outlets including CNN and NBC.

The two, however, cleared up the guesswork, stating on different platforms that although they share the same last name and work in the same field, that seems to be the only common ground. They are not related by blood whatsoever. Additionally, Judy is married to journalist Albert Reinold Hunt Jr., a columnist for Bloomberg News’ editorial arm, Bloomberg View, and they have three children, including actress Lauren Hunt.

married, husband

The Daily Beast reporter has never been married but it would be soon as she has already started the journey to bliss after and with her Aussie fiancé. Betsy recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Australian industry colleague Jonathan Swan. He works as a national political reporter for Axios. They have been dating for a while since around 2014, before Swan decided to change their relationship when he popped the question “Will You…” in March 2018. The pair are visibly happy together and would soon be walking down the aisle.

The height of Betsy Woodruff

The journalist is not only a brain but also a beauty. She hurts her eyes while standing at her maximum height of 1.68m. Her body weighs 57 kg and her slender figure measures 34 to 26 inches.