A look at Beyonce’s relationship through the years shows that the Queen of Pop doesn’t just know how to keep her fans captivated, she also knows how to make her man loyal, even in known and busy schedules. In an industry plagued by divorce, breakups and unstable relationships, the power couple – Beyonce and Jay Z have been together forever, despite the challenges that threaten their union.

Arguably the most famous couple in music in the arena, if not the world, Bey met her husband while her singing career was gaining major recognition as a member of the defunct girl group known as Destiny Child’s name. More than a decade later, both parents are proud to have three amazing children. If all we can think of Beyonce’s relationship timeline is basically her legendary rapper husband, have you ever wondered what her love life was like before she met Jay Z? Check out the list below for the guys the diva has been romantically linked with over the past few years.

Beyonce’s relationship through the years

The gorgeous and talented Drop Dead diva won’t be forgotten in a jiffy for her worldwide acclaimed successes, top-notch stage performances, remarkable fashion sense, enviable charity work, and the list could go on. lengthen again and again. But what is clear is the fact that she has been a wonder to watch when it comes to relationships.

When you are Beyonce Knowles Carter, then your personal life becomes public property, but if fame invades privacy, Bey has found a way to protect her family and love life with her whole life. Thus, there is hardly any information about his past relationships.

As unbelievable as it may seem, especially if you’re talking about Beyonce’s relationship over the years, the beautiful pop superstar went on a date with a guy before Jay-Z arrived.

Lyndell Locke (1994 – 2000)

When Beyonce was still in high school with big American dreams, she dated a young man named Lyndell Locke. Their relationship began in 1994 and ended before she was thrust into the spotlight. Locke allegedly cheated on her at the time, which led to their separation. Well, if only he knew she would rule the world one day.

Although Beyonce isn’t letting the cat out of the bag about her dating past, the Beyhive did some research and it turns out that Locke is now a chef who runs his own restaurant business but, at the time, he didn’t. He was just a kid from Texas who had no direction in life.

Jay Z (Married – April 4, 2008 to date)

Beyonce’s relationship with the rap icon is one of the most famous in the world right now and they have been relationship goals since becoming an item. The showbiz couple first met while Bey was still performing with Destiny’s Child. They started dating in 2002 and it wasn’t long before the rapper realized she was the sitter and put a ring on it. The influential couple tied the knot on April 4, 2008 and have been together ever since, regardless of marital issues that threatened to tear them apart.

Beyonce’s relationship with Jay grew even stronger with the arrival of Blue Ivy Carter, their first child, born January 7, 2012. When he seemed to be done with their children, Bey went on a Beyhive frenzy on January 1. February 2017, announcing the imminent arrival of their twins.. The adorable couple – Rumi (daughter) and Sir (son) arrived on June 13, 2017.

Beyonce’s Rumored Relationships

While working on the musical “Carmen: A Hip-Hopera” together, Bey reportedly had a brief fling with musical artist Mos Def. She was also linked to Marques Houston, but the claims held no water.

After her duet with Sean Paul in 2003, rumors started flying that the two were dating, but there was never a comment from them either confirming or denying the claims. The pop diva also reportedly dated Justin Timberlake in the past, but that train never left the station. Beyonce’s relationship with the singer did not go beyond the slightest kiss.