There’s arguably no comedian in history who can use dry humor and stuttering to deliver jokes better than Bob Newhart. The award-winning comedian, who has the record of being the first to receive a Grammy Award in the ‘Album of the Year’ category and is also a critically acclaimed actor, is best known for his comedy album, The Buttoned Mind . by Bob Newhart (1960) and his portrayal of psychologist Dr. Robert Hartley on the 70s show, The Bob Newhart Show. Join us to take a look at the beginning of his career as well as the other aspects of his life.

Biography (Age)

Bob Newhart was born George Robert Newhart, the only child of four children to Julia Pauline (née Burns) and George David Newhart, on September 5, 1929, in Oak Park, Illinois. His mother, of Irish descent, was a homemaker, while his father, of English, Irish and German descent, was part owner of a plumbing and heating business.

Newhart was raised in a devout Catholic family. For this reason, he attended Catholic schools such as St. Catherine of Siena High School in Oak Park and then St. Ignatius College Prep where he graduated in 1947. After high school, he enrolled to study business management at Loyola University Chicago. with a bachelor’s degree in 1952. He was later drafted into the United States Army during which the United States fought in the Korean War. Newhart served as personnel officer for his two years of service before his release in 1954.

After leaving the military, Bob Newhart briefly returned to Loyola University to study law. He then abandoned this ambition to take up a position as a clerk in the employment office and then as an accountant. In 1958, he began working as a copywriter for Chicago-based film and television producer Fred A. Niles. During his years with Niles, Newhart and a co-worker called each other on the phone and entertained each other talking about absurd scenarios. The pair then recorded themselves and sent them as audition tapes to radio stations. In 1959 Newhart, who was now alone in the routine as his partner ended their participation, was signed by Warner Bros. Records to a contract of

Net worth of Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart, according to the famous celebrity Net Worth website has an estimated net worth of $65 million. United States Gypsum, who holds a degree in business administration, who worked for a time in the accounting department of the building materials manufacturing company, became rich through his various roles in films and television shows, but mostly through sales of his highly successful stand-up comedy albums and the success of his sitcoms.

It’s no surprise that Newhart was later able to afford a mansion in Bel Air, California, designed by legendary architect Wallace Neff.

wife and family

Bob Newhart is married to Virginia Quinn, the daughter of film and television actor Bill Quinn. It’s unclear exactly where and when the pair first met, although actor and comedian Buddy Hackett have introduced each other.

The couple dated for a while before moving on to exchange vows on January 12, 1963 and then welcome four children; Robert, Timothy, Jennifer and Courtney. Today, Newhart and his wife, known as Ginnie, have ten grandchildren with more to come.

Height and width

With a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m), Bob Newhart will surely not be the tallest man you have ever met in your life. The comedian with dark brown hair and eye color additionally weighs around 68 kg.

Is he dead or alive?

Bob Newhart is very much alive and well, although in the past he was scared to death. In 1985, he was rushed to the emergency room after suffering from an illness described as secondary polycythemia, caused by his heavy smoking habits.

After spending several weeks in the hospital, Newhart recovered and quit smoking completely. He has since continued to work, most recently reprising his role as Professor Proton in the pilot episode of Young Sheldon (2017). In July 2018, he released a new audio series on Amazon featuring fun and informative talks with celebrities, called Hi Bob. He is also set to reprise his role as Professor Proton in the twelfth and final season of The Big Bang Theory