Bobby Shmurda is one of the young rappers who came into the limelight in 2014 to help endorse the “new sound” of rap music. The Hot Nigga rapper shot to fame with his hit single and was poised to make waves in the industry.

However, while it is still believed that he will reach the heights expected of him, his legal troubles have kept him on the sidelines. He served his sentence several times. Bobby says he hopes to become an actor later in his career. He also chooses Kevin Hart as one of the actors he would like to work with.

Bobby Shmurda Biography, Wiki, Family

Bobby’s real name is Ackquille Jean Pollard and he is the younger of two sons. His older brother’s name is Javese. Shmurda was born in Miami, Florida on August 4, 1994, where he was raised until his Jamaican father was imprisoned. He and his mother, who is originally from Trinidad, moved to Brooklyn, New York, and then to East Flatbush.

Nothing is said about Shmurda’s growing up, family ties, or school activity. Shmurda had her share of problems with the law. At one point, he spent fifteen months in custody for violating his probation. He was also arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm, but the charge was later dropped.

Bobby Shmurda is the main man of a GS9 rap syndicate, even though the law didn’t recognize them as just a rap group. According to Shmurda’s charges, GS9 was a criminal syndicate run by him. They were seen as a body regularly involved in all sorts of crimes along Flatbush east to King’s Highway. The list included clashes with rival gangs, drug dealing, non-fatal shootings and even murder.

Unsurprisingly, Shmurda fell in love with rapping. This love became evident in 2004 when she was 10 years old. He took the Crime Mob Knuck song If You Buck and made it his own. However, the remix didn’t really fly until 2014, a decade later. This was the year he released the banger track titled Hot Nigga for which he is best known.

Bobby’s popularity and celebrity status continued to grow when he introduced the “shmoney dance”. He achieved this by posting a video of the original choreography he had created in 2013. This increased the popularity of the song on video sharing platforms like Vine and very quickly the mem ‘shmoney dance’ was created. The dance was notably performed by veteran singer Beyonce while she was at his bedside. On the circuit. It was also used by rapper Drake at the ESPY Awards in 2014.

The song landed pretty on the digital Billboard Rap Chart, going to No. 21 and No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was also certified Platinum. The song’s success meant he could do remixes of the song with Chris Brown, Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes.

Bobby also made his television debut by appearing on an episode of the fourth season of Real Husbands of Hollywood. 2014 continued to be a good year for Bobby Shmurda. He performed on stage with American rapper Meek Mill and signed a recording contract with Epic Records.

The year saw another remix to Hot Nigga, expanding the roster from the first remix. Bobby then began working on his debut album which will be released under Epic Records. The album, which was produced by Jahlil Beats, was supposed to be released in 2016. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and the album was put on hold due to Shmurda’s incarceration.

Police who claimed to have surveilled Shmurda, long before he came to prominence, arrested him twice in 2014. The second arrest involved his brother Javese and fellow GS9 labelmate Rowdy Rebel. He was charged with possession of drugs and firearms, reckless endangerment and conspiracy to commit murder. He pleaded not guilty and his bail was set at $2 million.

Constable James Essig was the chief of the NYPD unit that made his arrest. The officer opined that Bobby’s words were like an actual document of his life on the streets. In his hit single Hot Nigga, Shmurda explained how he had been selling crack since fifth grade because Jaja (God) showed him how. He had also bragged about his crew’s past and future murders.

Shmurda who faced a maximum sentence of 8-25 years, the policeman claimed that his words were a reflection of his real life. However, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the lyrics could only be accepted as evidence at trial if there was strong evidence that they referred to a very specific crime.

The death of Bobby Shmurda

The rumors that Bobby Shmurda is dead are ridiculous. However, he had a lot of bickering inside.

In late 2015, Shmurda and his ex-girlfriend were caught after smuggling a knife into Rikers Island jail. This put him at risk of an additional seven years. He and his ex have pleaded not guilty to those charges.

In September 2016, Bobby pleaded guilty to two counts, possession of weapons and third degree conspiracy. This earned him seven years without the possibility of an appeal. However, he was given credit for the two years he spent in prison. This meant he had 5 years left in total with an additional 5 days of probation.

In early 2017, Bobby was again charged with a four-year sentence after a prison leg was found in his cell. The sentence, however, did not add jail time to his sentence, as it runs concurrently with his seven-year prison sentence.

Shmurda earns an average of $7.75 a week as an inmate. In February 2017, he released a statement that he was still writing songs in prison in preparation for his release.

Bobby Shmurda’s Height, Net Worth

Bobby Shmurda stands at an adult height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m), which is considered the average American male height. He doesn’t really have time to make a fortune, he is thrown in prison as soon as fame knocks on the door. His net worth is valued at $500,000.