Bonnie McFarlane is a living testimony that you can be whatever you want to be in life as long as you have that juicy mix of dedication and diligence. Coming from the humblest of backgrounds, she slowly but steadily worked her way to the top, encountering various obstacles along the way. But as a fighter, she handled them all and established herself as an excellent comedian and writer. Let’s continue with it…

Bonnie McFarlane bio

Due to being a very private person, very little is known about the childhood of this popular Canadian-American comedian. But then, it’s no secret that she was born on March 28, 1973; his birthplace was on a farm in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. Life hasn’t been easy for young Bonnie McFarlane. She grew up in the most uncomfortable living conditions.

Often called a wild comic, she developed her act without many influencers growing up in rural Alberta. As a girl, she grew up a tomboy and due to their rural settlement, she had no one to turn to. We found this comedienne to be somewhat rude and very rough when she was growing up. She was able to channel that nicely into her comedy acts and that was one of the unique things about her.

His rise began when he was asked by the manager of a club to enter a contest called “The Search for Canada’s Funniest New Comic.” She did and eventually came out on top. The success she got from the pageant was the start of bigger things to come. Soon after, she moved to New York with the aim of pursuing her career due to the great opportunities in the Big Apple. In no time, she landed a manager and an agent. Bonnie also had a very brief stint in Los Angeles where she achieved brief success while doing stand up and some writing.

In 2004, Bonnie McFarlane appeared as a contestant on the 2nd season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. It was bad news for her this time around, as she was the first comedian to be eliminated from the show. Although she was extremely disappointed, she continued to push with diligence and dedication which ultimately paid off. Lady McFarlane went on to score numerous hits, appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jay LenoThe Late Late Show Starring Craig Kilborn, among others.

Most people became familiar with Bonnie when she was a panelist on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, a Comedy Central talk show that aired from 2002 to 2004. She also gained some admiration for being one of patients of Dr. Katz in the animated series, Dr. Katz, professional therapist.

Bonnie achieved a big feat in 2005, landing her own HBO One Night Stand special. Building on this success, she went on to land other lucrative gigs with Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. McFarlane followed suit and November 2011 saw her launch the My Wife Hates Me podcast alongside her husband. A few years later (in 2016), she published her memoir, You’re Better Than Me. You will definitely learn more about Bonnie McFarlane by reading the memoir, it covered everything from her upbringing to her rise to fame as an actress.

Net value

Over the years, this talented Canadian-American comedienne has strived to stay relevant in the industry and it has brought her vast recognition and good fortune. So far, she has amassed an estimated net worth of around $400,000 through her entertainment pursuits. And, given its current pace, it’s safe to assume that it would double or triple that amount in the near future.

Bonnie Mcfarlane husband and daughter

On September 17, 2005, Bonnie McFarlane tied the knot with Rich Vos, who is also a comedian. According to her, she hated him at first when they met at an event. But gradually she loved him and the rest became history. As of this writing, the Bonnie-Rich union has seen the birth of a child, a daughter they named Rayna Lynn Vos; she was born on July 31 and in 2008.

Although Rayna is Bonnie’s only child, the same cannot be said for Rich. He fathered two daughters in his first marriage which ended in divorce.

Bonnie’s husband once struggled with alcohol and crack cocaine addiction. Fortunately, he was able to clean up and focus on his career. Apart from being an American comedian, Rich Vos is famous for his works as a radio host and actor.

Heights and body measurement

Bonnie McFarlane is blessed with a good figure. While there’s no official record of her height, it’s obvious that she’s not someone you’d describe as “not too tall.” Like his height, other details of his measurements are the best known to him.