It’s always inspiring to see young people who have sucked who they wanted to be since childhood and stayed on that path until they achieved their dreams. The talented singer, dancer and social media celebrity, Brandon Arreaga is part of the group. His first introduction to the world was on the Majors & Minors stage when he was around 12 years old. Since then, the singer has made feats in the entertainment industry.

Brandon is currently a member of the popular group known as PrettyMuch, which was started by talent manager, Simon Cowell. Moreso, Brandon has been linked to music stars such as Jordin Sparks, Avril Lavigne, and several others. Learn more about his biography, ethnicity, and facts about his love life as you read.

Brandon Arreaga – Bio (Age, Ethnicity)

Brandon Micheal Lee Arreaga celebrates his birthday every December 14, as he was born on this day in 1999. His birthplace is Texas and it is believed to be where he spent his formative years. However, Brandon Arreaga’s roots are in Mexico and he is of mixed Mexican and Caucasian ethnicity. When he was about to start his studies, his family decided to find him a home tutor who would teach him until the 6th grade, after which he sought admission to a public school.

Coming from his career, the young artist caught the virus singer when he was still a child and at the age of 12 he was already making music. He attended Actors, Models and Talents for Christ (AMTC) institution to hone his skills. Today, he plays piano and guitar very well. Also, at age 12, Brandon Arreaga had the opportunity to perform at the Majors & Minors music competition, which proved to be a hit for the young star, earning him great recognition.

After appearing on Majors & Minors, Bradon began receiving job offers as well as requests to collaborate with other musicians. It was however in 2016 that he hit the jackpot when Simon Cowell brought him into his new band – PrettyMuch, working with Austin Porter, Zion Kuwonu, Nick Mara and Edwin Honoret among others. The group dropped their first song titled “Would You Mind” the following year at the Teen Choice Awards, as well as an a capella presentation of the song the same year at the MTV Video Music Awards. The song was a big hit for the budding band and even earned a spot on the Mainstream Top 40 list. In 2018, Brandon Arreaga and his team were inspired to release an EP,

Apart from singing, the young artist is also a talented dancer and he is part of the dance group called Tru Crew which is known for using music and dance to have a positive impact on society. Moreso, Bradon has been a guest on shows like Hello America and Entertainment Tonight Canada. The singer has also dabbled in acting as seen in the 2017 film titled A Live Christmas Story which was directed by Scott Ellis.

Does Brandon Arreaga have a girlfriend?

So far, the dashing musician hasn’t been linked with a lady but not too long ago he was in a relationship with the pretty Charlotte Dean. The pair have gone public with their relationship as they often share loved images on their social media platforms. When they spent a year together, Brandon shared beautiful images of them expressing how much he loved her. However, that romantic feeling came to an unexpected end in August 2018 when the singer let it be known that he was no longer with Charlotte.

His family

A look at Brandon Arreaga’s family shows that his father’s name is Chris Arreaga and his mother has been identified as Gina Arreaga. The singer has an older sister named Hailee with whom he spent his childhood.

The Arreaga family is known for its devout Christian family and its impact on Brandon making it known that he was a Christian which is no surprise when he wanted to follow the direction of his career he went to the institution Christian Actors, Models & Talents for Christ (AMTC).

Body Stats: Height

It is no secret that Brandon Arreaga is a handsome young man who stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches. Her notable features include her slim body, brown eyes, and black hair. Also, he has often been seen wearing glasses, and although it looks fashionable, he is believed to wear it for medical purposes.