Bree Morgan stressed that she didn’t want to be famous. Instead, all she wants is to live a normal, simple life. However, she still hasn’t escaped some fame thanks to her career as a social media personality whose charm has garnered a lot of followers on various platforms including Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and many more. .

Additionally, she found herself increasingly popular after her relationship with American actor Cole Sprouse, who is popular as Dylan Sprouse’s twin and for the Disney series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Biography of Bree Morgan

On February 7, 1992, Bree Morgan was born in Washington State in the United States of America. She was also raised in Washington by her parents.

Growing up, Bree often spent a lot of time playing video games with her father. As a result of this, she began to take a great interest in video games at a very early age, an interest which she did not fail to support her in adulthood.

A strong willed person, after finishing high school, she still wanted to continue her education but before that, she took a job as a technician in New York. After doing this for a while, she decided to go back to school, and so she went to New York University.

Bree Morgan’s rise to power began in 2013 when due to her need to connect with others and the thing she had for social media, she started a Tumblr account. Due to her beauty, charm and grace, the account has attracted a lot of followers. However, she would later delete the account, stating that she was glad she left the platform when she did, as it made her life better.

Then she started a YouTube channel named BreeBunn which quickly gained a lot of subscribers. She then started her Twitch channel which is the platform she takes more seriously than any other. On Twitch, Bree shares her matches live with over 35,000 followers.


As for Bree Morgan’s family, the player is still unmarried. In fact, she was never married in the past and she never got close.

She loves her parents so much that she makes use of the available opportunities to tell a lot about them, even though she never revealed their names. They have always given her their full support in everything she does.

Nothing indicates that she ever had a brother as she never mentioned one. While explaining how she played games with her father, Bree did not state any activity with anyone else, so it could be that she was raised as an only child.

Facts About Cole Sprouse’s Ex-Girlfriend

1. Relationship with Cole Sprouse

Although his and his brother’s careers were going well, the twins decided to take some time off to play so they could go back to school – New York University. It was while they were there that Cole Sprouse met the beautiful Bree Morgan and before long they started dating. Their relationship grew even stronger with their shared love for the game.

However, they only managed to survive for two years, from 2013 to 2015. While they were still together, they shared their couple photos on social media.

2. Morgan was mentally abused

In a Tumblr post, Bree Morgan revealed that she has been emotionally abused in a relationship before. However, it’s unclear if it was Sprouse who emotionally abused her, though it’s unlikely given comments she made shortly after their breakup saying she would still love the actor.

3. She’s Notoriously Private

With many things about her, one that stands out for a social media person and gamer is that she is extremely private and doesn’t want to know too much about herself. For this reason, she maintains a private Instagram account under Bunnbree.

4. buddy

After her relationship with the actor ended, Bree Morgan then started a relationship in 2017 with someone known as Ryan Williams. It is not known if the two are still together.