Bunny Ayumi is a popular American Cosplayermodel who is widely known for her Gravure style cosplay. As a model, she has worked with brands such as J-LIST and FAKKUi. After carving out a niche for herself, the model went on to create her personal product line and collaborated with IHazToys, REIQ and SLUGBOX to develop her products. She has also worked as a model for the Super Orange swimwear line and Sleeque Mystique.

She is active on social media and has created Instagram and Twitter pages, which have attracted many followers. Her biography will shed light on who she is and how she became. Read further to know more about her.

Bunny Ayumi – Biography

Bunny Ayumi was born on September 4, 1992, in Texas. The media are yet to know the details regarding his family background, the names of his parents, siblings and early childhood. She may be so secretive or she may not be ready to divulge personal and private information. Regarding her nationality and ethnicity, she is American by birth and is said to be of white ethnicity.

Before becoming popular as a Cosplayer and Bunny Ayumi, a model, had amassed a lot of fans on DeviantArt – an online art, photography and videography community. Apart from that, Bunny has also modeled brands like J-LIST and FAKKUi. In October 2017, she posted a photo of herself dressed as Mavis Loughran from Hotel Transylvania. She has collaborated with IHazToys, REIQ and SLUGBOX to create her own line and develop her products.

His salary and net worth

Although there is no official report on how much the model has amassed her net worth, it is possible that when it is revealed it will be no less than a million dollars, that is because She makes money from her modeling work as well as selling her branded merchandise on her website.

Facts and everything you need to know about Bunny Ayumi

  • Her zodiac sign and personality traits

Born on September 4, she has Virgo as her zodiac sign. And since Bunny’s date of birth falls under the sign of the zodiac, it’s clear that it actually follows the sign of his birth, which states that people born during this period have an unwavering ability and keen interest in life. crafts and projects. They are always ready to improve and have a strong sense of adaptability.

She is currently in a relationship with fellow cosplayer Swimsuitsuccubus. Prior to Swimsuitsuccubus, Bunny Ayumi was not involved with anyone else, with no reports suggesting that. Thing is, his partner is a girl, which could just mean she’s from the LGBT community. However, she has yet to come out to publicly proclaim her sexual orientation. It is obvious that the two are in a hot romance as they are always seen together. In fact, many of their images are clustered on Bunny’s social media handles and the same can be said for his partner’s. Bunny and his Swimsuit partner Succubus were featured in a comic series drawn by Erotibot for FAKKU.

When Bunny Ayumi is not in her modeling business, then she engages with her number one love and passion, COSPLAY. She looks at her boxes or her cosplay to pass the time and relax. Recently, she announced that she had started streaming.

  • Bunny Ayumi body measurements

The model has a very sexy and stunning figure. Her hourglass shape is amazing, she is 158cm tall which means she is not very tall but quite graceful. Her total body size is 94-66-94cm (37-26-37 inches) for her bust, waist and hips respectively.

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Bunny Ayumi is very active on social networks. She uses it to keep in touch with her friends and fans, but also for updates. She is massively followed, especially on Instagram, where she has more than 600,000 subscribers, while her Twitter page has gathered more than 360,000. Going through his handles, we see his images and his works, from modeling to cosplay, passing through his friends or his partner.

She participated in a fundraising event to raise funds to allow her to sell stickers, with the cost of shipping masking the cost of the product.

Ayumi revealed that she has a huge sweet tooth; she likes to drink taro milk tea; she loves playing her favorite final fantasy game, FF8, and she loves sunflowers.