One of North America’s Best Aircraft Carriers Since 2012, C9 Sneaky has become a staple for Cloud9 since its inception. Previously, he worked for Ordinance as a Mid Laner. He then made a quick transition to an AD Carry, moving to some NA teams, most notably Team Dignitas. He eventually made his final stop at Quantic Gaming and alongside C9’s original roster which
includes him, Hai, Meteos, Balls, as well as LemonNation, they all qualified for the NA LCS – North America Championship Series. They dominated the competition, winning it in their Premier League, however, despite dominating in the NA LCS, Cloud9 were beaten by Fnatic in the Quarter-Finals of Season 3 of the World Championship.

The following year, the team was again the winner of the Spring Split, but in the Summer Finals, they
were defeated by the SoloMid team. Since then, C9 Sneaky has made himself the subject of the NA LCS for the third time, as well as finally advancing from the Quarter-Final Round to a World Championship.
Championship, alongside the other C9 members.

Also, C9 Sneaky has managed to win more than a few awards and accolades alongside his Cloud9 team. Some of his awards include the Summer NA LCS which he won in 2013 and the Spring NA LCS of 2014 which was won by his team. He placed 2nd in the 2015 and 2017 NA Spring LCS, in addition to several other playoffs he won.

C9 Sneaky Age, Biography,

His first name is Zachary Scuderi. He was born in Winter-Spring, Florida, United States of America on March 19, 1994.

The name of his high school was not given but it is known that he had certainly had a high school education, from the records it was during his high school years that C9 Sneaky became aware of the fact that he was really good at video games. In fact, he was much better than many of his friends who played with him. The up-and-coming gamer then enrolled at Florida Atlantic University with the goal of studying computer science, but gradually began to lose interest in academics, focusing more on gaming. In the long run, he made a conscious decision to leave his studies and face the video game. His family was not happy with his decision, but they still hope that one day he will go back to get a college degree, he is so smart.

Career as a player

At the start of its video games, C9 Sneakyse named SnEaKyCaStRoO but later changed to Sneaky. He is also popular in the gaming world as Sneaky Castro. Before turning professional in League of Legend, he dabbled in Heroes of Newerth, as well as World of Warcraft, and he revealed that he plans to become a coach in the future.

Along with games, the player also enjoys a few TV series like The Walking Dead, Dexter, and Breaking Bad. We also learned that C9 Sneaky is naturally left handed but plays his games with his right hand and very few know that he is colorblind but that is okay as it does not affect his game.

Family: sister

Little is known about the player’s family life, but it is written that his mother’s name is Beth and he has a sister called
Emma. His father’s name is not known, but it has been revealed that he passed away a few years ago. C9 Sneaky is now the head of his family, which has been described as middle class.

Who is his girlfriend or is he gay?

There is little data on his relationship history, but according to records, C9 Sneaky is currently mistrusting Esther Lynn, known for her boudoirs and sexy cosplays.

There’s no indication that C9 Sneaky is gay, plus he’s currently romantically involved with the opposite sex, which shows his sexual orientation is straight, but that can change if he decides otherwise.

Net value

Sources have determined the young player’s net worth to be $2 million and his earnings as a professional in the league of legends so far stand at over $128,000. C9 Sneaky has also participated in several tournaments for his team and successfully stood out in many of them which also went ahead to inflate his net worth.

C9 Sneaky’s fortune is expected to surpass that figure in his next review.

the size

There is absolutely no information about the famous player’s body stats making it a herculean task to state C9 Sneaky’s height and weight precisely.