Unless you’re not a sports fan, Cassidy Hubbarth must have caught your imagination. It’s not about the beauty of the woman this time around, but about how good she is at what she does and everything about her.

The host of ESPN NBA Tonight and NBA Coast at Coast has become one of the biggest voices for women in sports journalism and to be fair to her, in sports as a whole. Few expect her to rise as soon as she did after joining the station about seven years ago. But she wore an exciting air around her.

In 2013, when she was just three years old on the job, Cassidy was doing television coverage almost exclusively. Today she has arrived where many would need more than a lifetime to reach.

Cassidy Hubbarth Bio/Wiki

Many of us only knew her from television, and that’s all we know of her. To get a bit closer, she was born precisely on September 19, 1984.

Born in Chicago, the spectacular sports anchor was born to a Filipina mother and a father of German and Irish descent.

The youngest in a family of three children, Cassidy was enjoying what could be considered a normal, happy family life as her family had always been closely bonded.

It’s easy enough to think that his romance with the sport started yesterday, but the truth is, it’s been going on for a very long time. In fact, she has been athletic for a very long time. Before graduating from Evanston Township High School in 2003, she was on the high school football team.

The journalism part came into her after she decidedto get a degree in the course. This she did at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University after spending a year at the University of Illinois.

Prior to joining ESPN, the anchor worked as a weekend traffic reporter for Traffic.com. And yes, she seemed like the one who would be perfect with any job she handles. Not that. She admitted to being very bad with traffic lanes.

When she decided to move on, she started with the station as a backstage background person. Soon enough, the hot woman regained her footing and began to climb the ranks.

Even though ESPN became her hit, she didn’t really start there. Instead, she started as a host and reporter for the Big Ten Network and Fox Sports South, where she did very well.

With ESPN Network, she has been involved in hosting several shows including SportsCenter, NBA Tonight, NBA Today Podcast, Highlight Express, Numbers Never Lie, SportsNation, First Take and many more.

As a sports anchor, you would expect her to be a sports fan. Naturally, Cassidy Hubbarth is a sports lover and die-hard Chicago Bulls fan. This is the team that her family has supported since she was very young.

Cassidy Hubbarth Married, Husband, Boyfriend

When it comes to women as beautiful and hot as Cassidy Hubbarth, not many of us are so horny and want to know what’s going on with her. We want to know if she’s married too, because most stars are now deciding to keep their weddings private.

Turns out Cassidy Hubbarth isn’t married and never was. No, there is no husband anywhere.

Interestingly enough, there’s no one at the moment we can say is Cassidy Hubbarth’s boyfriend. In fact, the signals that many choose from brown are that she’s too busy to get into the love triangle right now. But who ever knows how things from the heart may begin and where they will lead.

Of course, one media person, Cassidy Hubbarth, still hasn’t really opened up to the public and she hasn’t given many interviews. This made access to it quite difficult.

At just 32 years old, Cassidy Hubbarth has a net worth of $500,000 and, obviously, there’s no sign that she’s slowing down the money coming.

In 2017, she reportedly signed a new multi-year deal with ESPN, which only speaks of better things.