The life of Catherine Wayne whose rise to fame can be widely considered meteoric is an inspiration to many. The very famous vlogger, comedian and voice actor is popularly known by ardent followers of his viral vlogs and videos as Boxxybabee. The vlogger boasts of a YouTube channel that has a large following with many views. Despite the enormous challenges she had faced – ranging from threats to fans harassing her, she was still able to build a successful career. Join us as we explore facts you didn’t know existed before about internet sensation.

Catherine Wayne bio

Catherine Wayne, the internet celebrity who became known for her very energetic and outgoing character, Boxxy, was born on April 28, 1992 in California. There’s no mention of where she went to elementary or high school, but we can confirm that Wayne has a major in arts and drama. Information regarding his parents, siblings or any other known relatives is also not available as it has been kept highly confidential.

She started by uploading videos to YouTube in January 2008 under the name boxxybabee. Afterwards, she posted other videos, including two shoutout videos for her friends on Gaia Online. These videos were so popular that they were re-uploaded to, an online social media site , and 4chan

In 2009, Catherine made another video depicting her character Boxxy talking about several topics and subjects. The existence of these videos created enemies who did their best to ensure its destruction. Various hacking incidents have occurred, following which a DoS attack on 4chan itself, invariably leading to the site being shut down for a while. His attackers refocused their attack on YouTube by hacking his YouTube channel and then uploading several remixes and parody videos to the web.

One of Wayne’s videos is on the Urlesque Films list of The 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos which was published in March 2010. His screen name changed from Boxxy to ANewHopeee on November 25, 2010, after posting a clip from the popular film, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The edited music video was a way to appeal to his fans to help him get it back. boxxybabee account that has been hacked. Subsequently, Boxxy Items went on sale on eBay towards the end of 2010.

Catie, like the caller of close relatives and close friends, started working as a presenter for Discovery Digital Networks in 2013, hosting the streaming Animalist series. Other works by Catherine Wayne include as a singer in Billy Dilley’s Super-Duper Underground Summer, a 2017 Disney XD film, starring as Marsha. The young actress also voiced a character in BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm.

The American-born internet icon has recently been absent from social media as no new content has been uploaded to her YouTube channel or Instagram. She is also known for running both Twitter and Facebook accounts with huge followings. We join other Boxxy followers in waiting for his return to video downloading and what we knew before.

Other Facts About Catherine Wayne

Wayne cannot be said to be tall, nor can she be considered short, standing at a height of 5 feet 3 inches or around 1.63m. The pretty celeb has a medium build with good features.

This is definitely going to count as a rare fact because a lot of people don’t know about this information we are about to share. Catherine Wayne, throughout her many years in the internet business as a vlogger, and YouTuber, as well as her acting exploits see her net worth estimated at $45 million – although the fact is not really confirmed.

Relationship status

Beautiful Catherine Wayne is believed to be in a relationship, but the identity of who she is dating is unknown till now. We can also say categorically that she has not yet tied the nuptial knot and has not been married before.

She has over 6.2k followers on Instagram, over 47.5k fans on Twitter and on YouTube, she has amassed 372,000 followers and over 49.2 million views.