Chance Sutton is an internet personality with a huge following on YouTube, Vine, Instagram and other social media platforms. The young man spends time on his YouTube channel to entertain his fans with his creative videos and other fun content. Sutton is best known as the best friend of popular YouTuber, Anthony Trujillo. The two share a chain and have been banding together for many years.

Like most of his contemporaries, Chance gained his popularity during his days on the vine. Although the social media platform has since been shut down, Sutton’s online relevance has never waned and his star has not waned. Learn more about his biography, age, height, girlfriend and other facts here.

Chance Sutton’s Bio & Age

Chance Sutton’s parents welcomed him into the world on September 2, 1996, in the state of Ohio, specifically in Lakewood. He was raised with his brother – Jackson Sutton and three sisters; however, the names of his sisters and parents are not available at this time. Likewise, there is no information available online about Sutton’s childhood, family background and loved ones.

There are no records detailing Chances’ school career and his academic performance, although he is confident that he completed his basic education. Talking about his career, Chance was a household name on the now defunct Vine, but he’s relatively new to YouTube, having launched his online channel on the platform in 2017.

He runs a YouTube channel with Anthony Trujillo called Chance and Anthony. His first video, which dropped on March 22, 2017, was captured sneaking up on popular YouTuber Jake Paul. The prank video reportedly garnered around half a million views in the first few weeks of its release. Following the success of the video, Chance Sutton began creating more prank videos targeting notable online sensations such as twins Logan Paul and Martinez – Emilio and Ivan, who regularly prank each other’s faces and are members of the chat group. on social media, Team 10. .

Sutton pushes through his hilarious and thoughtful videos for his fans every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tessa Brooks, originally from California, is among those with whom he has collaborated. She is a popular YouTuber, actress, dancer and singer. Some of his notable videos include DESTROYING MARTINEZ TWINS XBOX, No Option, CUTTING TESSA BROOKS HAIR, and DYEING MARTINEZ TWIN’S HAIR

His girlfriend

Sutton’s girlfriend’s name is Alex DeLena, an Instagram star and a member of the dance crew immaBEAST. The two began seeing each other in October 2017 and haven’t looked back since. Alex came into Chance’s life just five months after Chance called him and his former girlfriend, Tessa Brooks.

Brooks and Sutton became friends while still together on Team 10. Their friendship hit a new level in March 2017 after the YouTuber openly declared his love for Tessa, to the admiration and excitement of their fans. Both films are regularly featured in videos on the vine and have also been dubbed “Chessa” by fans. Sadly, Tessa and Sutton separated in August 2017 after Sutton cheated on Brooks with another girl.

Although some of the YouTuber’s fans are not happy that they broke up with Brooks, that feeling never affected his relationship with DeLena. Since they got together, they got stronger every day.

Chance Sutton’s Height

Chance Sutton is a very handsome and talented young man. He is 6ft 2in tall and weighs 82kg. However, details of his other body measurements have yet to be released publicly, although it’s undeniable that he’s been trying hard to stay in shape.

Other Facts About Chance Sutton

1. Chance Sutton is no longer a member of Team 10. His exit from the group in 2018 earned him criticism and backlash from Jake fans.

2. His net worth is estimated at $2 million. However, the exact amount of his online salary each year cannot be scrutinized by the public.

3. In 2015, Chance Sutton appeared in an episode of the television series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

4. He’s had gigs for brands like Disney, Coca-Cola and Skechers.

5. He is also active on Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter and Instagram where he has over 2.7 million followers.