American singer, Chester Bennington was a very beloved member of Linkin Park before his death in 2017. The man who was the frontman of the rock band was also a songwriter and actor, which made him very broad.

Ever since he became hugely popular at the turn of the millennium, Bennington has attracted a lot of people, including those who love him, those who are indifferent, and those who see no reason to love him.

Chester Bennington bio

Born on March 20, 1976 in Chester, England as Chester Charles Bennington, it was also where he spent part of his childhood, which was not as great as anyone would have liked.

While his father was a police officer who handled child sexual abuse, the singer suffered the same abuse from a much older friend. Nevertheless, he did not reveal this information to anyone, including his mother who was a nurse, as he did not think anyone would believe him. He was also afraid that those who believed him probably didn’t believe him to be gay. This abuse started when he was 7 years old and didn’t stop until he finally opened up to his father when he was 13 years old.

Chester’s problems quickly worsened when his parents divorced at age 11. This, coupled with his other challenge of suffering abuse, caused the future rock legend to hate humans and at times felt the need to kill them all and run away.

With his love for music and his great creativity, however, he was able to channel his anger and frustration into painting and poetry. Nonetheless, he would later find himself with addiction issues before he even turned 18, but as a survivor he would still retire on top of his addiction.

music and film

The singer started his musical career with a band known as Sean Dowdell and Friends when he was just 15 years old. The following year he moved to Gray Daze where he was the band’s lead singer. His next move which was to be his main and most important was to join Linkin Park. With the band, he rose to prominence and became much loved by people who enjoy rock with the influence of rap. It was with the group that he released albums including Theory Hybrid (2000), Meteors (2003), Minutes to Midnight (2007), and One More Light Live (2017).

He’s also been in more than a few movies, including Crank: High Voltage (2009) and Saw VII (2010).


In July 2017, the Dead by Sunrise co-founder was found dead at his California home by his housekeeper. Prior to his death, it was reported that Bennington was struggling to stay sober, when it was only half a bottle of alcohol found at the scene as well as a broken pill of a generic Ambien with his order. His autopsy report also confirmed that he was drinking alcohol before his death.

Prior to his death, the singer had, for quite some time, battled various health issues, though none of them were believed to lead to his death. It was also noted that he was not free from suicidal thoughts. To fuel the rumor that he was suicidal, his wife’s twitter account was hacked just hours after his death and it was reported that she was cheating on Chester with Linkin Park guitarist Mike Shinoda. Tweets that also claimed Bentley only married Chester for his money were quickly deleted after they were posted.

After Chester Bennington was reported dead, a fan of his committed suicide. The man, Lee Randall, 36, is said to have been devastated by the singer’s death and his personal issues including his marriage also decided to end the situation.

Chester Bennington’s Children, Wife, Family

As far as Talinda Ann Bentley is Chester’s most important wife is known, he was married to another woman before her. The singer’s first wife was Samantha Bennington, whom he married in 1996. The pair had been together for 9 years before calling it quits in 2005. The marriage had a son, Draven Sebastian Bennington, born April 19, 2002 .

After her failed first marriage, ChesterBennington then married Bentley in 2005. Prior to their marriage, the woman was a model who long before her had modeled for Playboy. With Bentley, Chester had three children: a son, Tyler Lee Bennington (2006), and twin daughters, Lily and Lila Bennington (2011).

Apart from these 4, the Numb singer also had two children with his earlier sweetheart, Elka Brand. She gave birth to her first son, Jaime Bennington, in 1996. After the two separated, Chester adopted Elka’s son, Isaiah Bennington.

Before his death, the singer was very close to his family and he loved his children even though he kept them out of the public eye. He was last with his wife and children in Arizona before returning home and ending his life.

Chester Bennington Body and Waist Measurement

The Dead by Sunrise and Linkin Park singer was a man of average height and height. Here are his measurements:

Height: 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm

Weight: 167 pounds

Body measurements : Chest (39 inches), waist (30 inches) and biceps (12 inches).