China Mac may pass for a lot like another American rapper but he is more than that. He was part of a very violent and dangerous Ghost Shadow Gang which saw him spend up to eleven years behind bars after shooting fellow rapper Christopher Louie in the lower back, leaving him partially paralyzed.

When he was behind bars, he read so much about the business and selling drugs. Thanks to this, he had over $7,000 by the time he regained his freedom. He used this money to create a music label, Red Money Record. He also opened a pet store now run by his mother.

China Mac’s Bio

In the hip hop world he is popular as China Mac, the rapper was born Raymond Yu on July 12, 1982 in Brooklyn, New York. He was born to a father who was never there for him as he himself was a member of the Flying Dragons gang. The gang was greatly feared in the 1980s due to the violence and crime associated with it, including drug trafficking, murders and kidnappings.

Of Chinese descent, his father was never there for him as he grew up and that made him hate the older man. Although he wanted to be completely different from his father, he refused to go to school and instead joined a gang, Ghost Shadows Gang, when he was 12 years old.

Even before becoming a gangsta, China Mac had been introduced to hip-hop when he was only 8 years old. It wasn’t long before he fell in love with the musical genre, writing songs and getting involved in rap battles.

Soon after joining the gang, he started getting all the respect he wanted. This is because he realized that the more he was feared, the more respect he received. This made him work very hard to be ruthless and violent. More so, it was impossible for anyone to fail in the performance of their duties as a member of the gang.

He got involved in various types of criminal activities as a member of the gang, including robbing people. In addition, they were forced to guard casinos and were paid to do so and to ensure that rival gang members did not approach.

With a strong thirst for crime, he later landed in jail in 2000 when he was 18 years old and was sentenced to a three-year term. A few months after arriving in 2003, he found himself in deeper water after becoming embroiled in a standoff with another Asian gang.

That day, China Mac and her gang were at the New York City Yello club around 2 a.m. According to Mac, another rapper Jin disrespected the wife of one of his gang members who was in jail. An argument ensues and Raymond Yu pulls a gun on Jin. Christopher Louie, who was with Jin, stepped in to defend his friend but was ultimately shot in the lower back.

China Mac got away and kept running for a year before being caught in Seattle, Washington with fake passports. His plan was to flee to Canada. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Facts About China Mac, The Ex-Gang Member of Ghost Shadow

1. According to him, when he joined the gang at the age of 12, it was quite simple for him since there were no complex initiations or anything like that. It was enough to profess your loyalty in front of the gang during a ritual in which one drank chicken blood.

2 Although his father’s age at birth is not known, his mother was 17 or 18 when she gave birth to him. With a father who was never around, his mother had to work two jobs to be able to support herself and her young son.

3 While he was in prison, one of the things that helped him in so many ways was his rapping skills. He claimed to have once escaped drug research because he could rape. During the search there was Indian hemp in the cell which belonged to his companion, he knocked for the guards and they did not search his cell.