Christian Guzman is a living embodiment of the popular saying; follow your passion and you will never work a day in your life. The Houston, Texas native is an amateur bodybuilder and Youtuber who gained fame doing what he loves and then starting businesses related to it. Some of these ventures include creating a line of fitness and lifestyle apparel, a gym, an energy drink, among others.

Christian Guzman Biography

On February 20, 1993, Christian Guzman was welcomed into the world by his parents in Houston, Texas. Details about his family members are unknown, however, he is known to have a younger brother.

As a child, Guzman showed no signs of being interested in sports. He was rather swept up in music, learning to play the guitar and hoping to make a career out of it. He and some of his school friends formed a rock band, but the band soon disbanded. He then created another one, and as the story progressed, he decided to meet three times a week with his new bandmate, in order to exercise and get in shape in order to help them. to make themselves known.

During their physical training,Christian Guzman fell in love with it and soon began to do weight training regularly. After a while, the young man who was very lean began to add muscle as his body began to transform. The visible transformation he saw led him to abandon his musical ambitions as he began documenting and filming his workout routine which he started posting on YouTube in 2012 as a freshman. at Texas Christian University (TCU).

From 2011 to 2013, Guzman attended TCU where he studied health and fitness management while developing his own fitness program. The fitness buff isn’t done completing the graduation requirements as the demands of his fitness business increase. His YouTube channel reached unprecedented heights and became something of a reality TV channel as he began documenting his daily activities and revealing aspects of his personal life.

In 2015, Christian Guzman’s YouTube channel had already published an article about him titled “300,000 people watch every time he works out!”. This article sparked renewed interest in his YouTube channel, making him one of the most recognized fitness personalities on Youtube.

What to know about fitness YouTuber

1. He owns a clothing and activewear business

Following the huge boost he got from followers and subscribers on YouTube and his other social media accounts which resulted in an increase in his popularity, Christian Guzman chose to capitalize on it by launching a clothing line. fitness center called Alphalete Athletics. The YouTuber then added a lifestyle clothing brand to the company which he referred to as athleisure. Its customers have described the clothing line as affordable and of high quality.

Alphalete Athletics has been featured at international bodybuilding events and is sold worldwide. The company’s success led him to open a gym in his hometown of Houston called Alphalete Gym.

2. History of the relationship

Thanks to his lifestyle, Guzman has a date with the most beautiful women you have ever seen. Her first notable relationship was with model and fitness enthusiast, Nikki Blackketter. The couple started dating in 2014 and co-owned the YouTube channel “CG & NIKKIBTV”. The pair seemed completely in love with each other as they flaunted their relationship on social media and even settled in together. However, they later separated in 2016 and reportedly moved on to other people. In 2017, the pair were rumored to have reignited their romance when they were seen vacationing together in Hawaii. Nikki confirmed the rumors on Twitter, but the rekindled love soon died down and the couple parted ways for good.

Guzman has since risen to fame for fitness model and social media personality Heidi Sommers.

3. Net worth

Thanks to the success of all his fitness-related activitiesAccording to many wealth calculation platforms, Christian Guzman has a fortune of around 2 million dollars. Most of his fortune comes from the clothing brand Alphalete, which should continue to do well in the years to come.