Christina Khalil is a superb YouTuber who has been around for quite some time. Her body shape and features are what any model would want, but she is not a model herself. According to sources, she is most popular for her fitness and lifestyle videos which she uploads on her channel. It is unknown when she started the channel, however, the channel currently has over 400,000 subscribers. Since the channel launched, she has kept her audience glued to her with her creative videos.

Khali maintains a very low profile as far as she is not known. It is unclear whether she has any educational background, was previously married or has children. However, it is known that she is of Lebanese origin but she moved to Santa Barbara to house her boyfriend, Jaret Campisi. He too is moving away from the media because very little is known about him. Let’s get to know more about Christiana Khali, keep reading.

Christina Khalil Biography (Age)

Christina Khalil was born in Beirut, a city in Lebanon. She was born on November 19, 1993. The identity and professions of her parents are not known and it is uncertain whether she grew up in her native village. Also, no information regarding his educational background is available on the internet.

Her career started on the tracks as she was an athlete in track and field. We don’t know when she started the race, or when she stopped. She is currently a YouTube star who engages her audience with fitness and lifestyle videos. She has over 400,000 subscribers and her most-watched video is titled Not in California anymore…. It had up to 975,000 views.

Net value

As of 2019, there was no real consensus on the exact net worth of social media personality, Christina Khalil. Some sites gave her a net worth of $17 million, while others tagged her much less. However, one thing is for sure, she managed to attract a huge following which in turn generates a lot of revenue. As for his monthly or annual salary, this information remains uncertain for the moment. The assets she owns, such as cars and houses, are not publicly known.

Other Facts You Should Know About Christina Khalil

Parents and family

There is nothing that points to any information about the parents of this Youtube sensation. Their names and occupations are disclosed only by the fact that they are Lebanese. Also, it is unknown if she has or had a brother or sister.

Spouse and children

There are no records that indicate Christina Khalil has ever been married or had children. In general, not much is known about the YouTuber. Although she does not have a husband, she has a longtime boyfriend, Jaret Campisi. There is no information on how they met or when they started dating. Also, no information has been reported to indicate that they had children together.

Jaret Campisi is also a YouTube star, just like Christiana Khali. His self-titled YouTube channel is used to show off his love for fitness and motorcycling. In high school, he was a five-time state champion. He was also a hurdler with a few championships under his belt.

In addition to YouTube, he is a skilled physique competitor, placing first at events such as Ferrigno Legacy Men’s Physique in 2014 and 2015.

Height and measurements

As a fitness expert and occasional athlete, Christina Khalil should be in top shape when it comes to her body and her health. Most fitness experts share and make their diets available online, except for Christina. However, through her videos, she has been able to provide routines for different types of workouts and motivate people to stay fit. Looking at her, it can be seen that she has an amazing body physique. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t bother to share the details of her body measurements with the public.

Despite this, some online sources have puse approximate measurements of his body by careful examination. For height, she is around 5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm. She weighs about 58 kg, a good weight for a woman. Her bust, waist and hip size was estimated at 35-27-36 inches.