Christine and the Queens currently occupies high positions in the charts around the world, and has also become the favorite of critics. Héloïse Letissier is a French singer and producer. She released her debut album Chaleur Humaine in July 2014 and her second album, Chris in September 2018. of gender.

Everything you need to know about Christine and the Queens

His bio

The rising star was born Héloïse Letissier on June 1, 1988 in Nantes (France). His parents were academic; his mother teaches French and Latin in a college and his father, Georges Letissier, teaches English at the University of Nantes.

One of the privileges she had as a child was the vast literature she had at her disposal. While her growing years may seem rosy from the outside, Letissier struggled with the loneliness and social awkwardness she fought by retreating into literature. She read works by writers like Sarah Waters and Judith Butler, which became her source of inspiration and served as a reference in her youth. Subsequently, she became passionate about the art of pretending and then studied theater at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon).

Then she moved to Paris in 2010 and was studying to be a director when a catastrophic breakup and expulsion from school threw her into a deep depression. She then fled to London where she was rescued by a troupe of drag queens from Soho’s Den, Madame Jojo’s nightclub. Finally, after years of being alone, Héloïse Letissier has found a home.

Origin of the nickname, Christine and the queens

Following his discovery of drag queens, Letissier was inspired by their simple, carefree attitude to create a quirky theatrical character called Christine. They helped to rebuild it and also accompanied her to her first concerts. They then became his “Queens” as a backup band. Eventually Christine and the Queens was born and Christine quickly became a pop star.

She has adapted to the scene which she considers her new home because, according to her, anything can happen and always seems to be fine. She learned to live above the anxieties of her life on stage.

His musical career

She released her debut EP, Mercy with the hit he In 2011 and in 2012 she signed to independent record label Since Music. Mercy was followed by another EP in 2012, Mac Abbey with Narcisse Is Back and Cripple as minor hits. Then recognition and accolades started pouring in and Christine and the Queens won Best Discovery (Découverte du Printemps de Bourges) at the 2012 Adami Premieres Francos award.

With her presence entrenched in the arena, Christine and the Queens have had several touring support spots as well as hard grafts. Her third EP titled Nuit 17 à 52 arrived in 2013. The project launched her into the chart-topping phase of her career. With the help of her title song, she made her first mapping of the SNEP, the official French album chart.

In July 2014, she released her highly acclaimed debut album, Chaleur Humaine (Human Heat) in Europe. The album is better known as Christine and the Queens in the United States. It contains the singles Saint Claude and Christine which became her biggest hit as well as high positions in the world charts. Additionally, the album was named best album of the year by The Guardian, The Independent, Mojo and NME.

Christine was re-released in February 2015 with English lyrics and named Titled in the US as an introduction to her first English EP, Saint Claude. It was released in the UK in 2016 and reprized its lead character. Additionally, it was named one of the top ten songs of 2015 by Time magazine. She also released another EP, Intranquillité (Unrest) in 2015. In September 2018, she released her Michael and Janet Jackson-inspired self-produced album, Chris. So far she has released two albums, 8 EPs and over 10 singles.

Christine and the Queen counts Soul Train soundtracks, artists David Bowie, Christophe, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar among her musical influences. Michael Jackson is her favorite singer, while Patti Smith and Kate Bush are her favourites.

sexual orientation

Letissier fell in love with a woman as a teenager, aged 17, and five years later fell into depression followed by a quest to define her sexuality. After years of struggling to identify herself, she seemed to have finally found herself.

She identifies as a gay-bisexual rather than 50-50 Bisexual, and in 2014, she came out as a pansexual. In her new identity, Christine has the courage and creativity to create a life outside of the status quo, even though she still feels the pain that comes with choosing a path others don’t understand.

Christine and the Queens has since evolved into her androgynous, non-sexualized alter ego, Chris, a young boy who dreams of being Beyoncé and idolizes Madonna. Although she works in a male-dominated industry, she’s not afraid to fight hard and protect her corner, while sympathizing with authors such as Grimes and Björk.