You won’t find too many political commentators whether on Fox, MSMBC or even CNN who will always seem to be having fun no matter what topic they are discussing like CNN political commentator and editor Chris Cillizza .

Beyond that, he puts the effort, which has sometimes been described too often, to achieve balance in everything he reports. Because of this and his style, he is not a favorite of many journalists, although he was able to garner a huge following.

CNN Bio’s Chris Cillizza

The CNN political commentator was born Christopher Michael Cillizza on February 20, 1976 in Marlborough, Connecticut, USA. Her father was a teacher while her mother worked for an insurance company.

Raised in Connecticut, he went to Loomis Chaffee College Preparatory School which is considered a school for the wealthy. There he met the likes of MTV star Jesse Camp and retired ice hockey player Andrew Berenzweig.

From there he went to Georgetown University where he majored in English. His dream was to become a writer and novelist. Although he had no interest in politics, he was recommended by the Dean of Arts and Science for a coveted internship with American political commentator and Pulitzer-winning journalist George Will.

By 1998, Chris Cillizza had already graduated, but he had had great difficulty finding his way as a novelist and so he thought about becoming a sportswriter but soon gave up the project and opted to become a political journalist instead.

He learned that legendary political journalist Charlie Cook was looking for someone to help him with his newsletter. So he applied for the job and was hired. In 1998 he started working at The Cook Political Report as a receptionist, but it was also there that he started writing as a journalist.

With too many stories on hand both from the Monica Lewinsky scandal, then the impeachment process, the upcoming election, etc., Cillizza got to work, giving him a good base.

He then worked for the Roll Call newspaper, with which he spent 4 years. In 2005, he started the blog The Fix. By then he was already working with The Washington Post. In 2007, he began co-hosting the MySpace/MTV Presidential Dialogues until 2008. People like John McCain and Barack Obama have appeared on the program.

In 2017, the veteran journalist left The Washington Post for CNN where he reports live as part of his show “The Point with Chris Cillizza”. More so, it publishes a nightly newsletter and flash briefings for Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Wife and Family Facts

A softball enthusiast, Chris Cillizza has made many friends through the sport. One of these friends is Gia Fenoglio, who later became his wife. Gia Cillizza played hockey when she was much younger and now works as a hockey coach.

The couple live in Virginia with their two sons, Charlie and Will.

Here are some facts about his family

1. Gia Cillizza worked as the head field hockey coach at Catholic University of America for 14 years, until 2016 when she left. In his last five years with the team, Gia led UCA to five straight NCAA tournaments, four Landmark Conference titles and two Elite Eight finishes.

2. The oldest of Cillizza’s two children, Charlie was born in 2009 and the second in 2012.

3. Being 6ft 2in tall, Chris also wanted to be an NBA player but he found out that he was not talented enough so he gave up on the idea.

Net Worth and Salary

Cillizza has been involved in a lot of things as a journalist, one could easily expect him to have good fortune and a hefty salary. That said, his exact fortune is not known as his salary.

When he participated in his Reddit Ask Me Anything session, one of the questions he was asked was about his salary, but he didn’t provide an answer to that question.

Back in 1995 when he worked for George Will, Chris Cillizza revealed he was paid up to $12 an hour. This, according to him, was living the dream. Her job was to take calls and do research.