Cody Carson is an American musician known for his interest in rock music which led him to create the group Set It Off. He is versatile in the art of music as he is not only a singer but also skilled in playing multiple musical instruments. The young man intends to make his mark in the world of music and with the help of his group, this dream is gradually becoming a reality.

His band has a record of having major breakthroughs in almost all of their performances, which include more than 22 concerts across countries in Europe and America. They were originally signed to Equal Vision Records but later moved to Fearless Records in 2018. Check out Cody’s biography and his family’s influence on his music career below.

Cody Carson’s bio (age)

Cody Carson is an American music artist who hails from Tampa, Florida where he was born on January 9, 1989. He was raised at his birthplace where he also attended a public high school. From an early age, Cody knew he had a strong passion for music, which led him to seek out a school where he would receive proper training. He eventually landed at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music located in Ohio and there he studied orchestral arts. However, he was unable to complete his studies as his music concerts and the band he joined took up most of his time.

Musical career

At 11, Cody had the privilege of learning to play the clarinet and since his father was into orchestral music, it was easy for him to choose a thing or two at a tender age. However, his musical preference changed to rock music which did not sit well with his family as they had no interest in that direction. He took a bold step, putting aside his family’s perspective to look for where to play and gradually, opportunities started to arise.

The first of its kind came in his freshman year in college and it was with a popular band. Her outstanding performance did not go unnoticed, coupled with the fact that the show made waves. This encouraged Cody to push further into the world of rock music and he decided to revive a band that he and high school friend Dan Clermont had started.

With the help of Clermont they had some great ideas to bring the band back to life but they saw the need for extra hands and got 2 other passionate rock artists – Austin Kerr and Zack DeWall to join their team. The four reunited for the revival of the band Set It Off and during the same period, Cody Carson went further to create a YouTube channel for the band which called itself RockManiac89. They gradually started to get attention and coupled with the fact that Cody had played in a number of places, it was easy for his fans to start loving his new band.

Set It Off dropped their debut EP on October 31, 2008 titled “Baby, You Don’t Tripajaharda” and the following year they released “Calm Before the Storm” on May 12, 2009. It was during this time that Cody Carson dropped out of college. They also found a few other songs in 2010 like Hush Hush, Together Forever and ‘@Rhness’ before finally securing a deal with Equal Vision Records in 2011. This paved the way for them to release their debut album titled ‘Horrible Kids ‘ which was a major breakthrough as the album was named to iTunes’ list of 100 Alternative Albums.

Other EPs released by Cody and his band include ‘Cinematics’ which came out in 2012, ‘Duality: Stories Unplugged’ in 2014 – which earned a spot in the Billboard chart top 100 and the album ‘Upside Down’ which was released in 2016. The band then signed a deal with Fearless Records in 2018 and they released a few songs with the label and even went on a world tour with them which further established their name in the industry.

His parents and his family

As mentioned earlier, Cody Carson comes from a house where his father, James Charles Carson was in Ochestrey but other than that fact, no other information has been revealed about his identity. Moreso the singer did not speak of his mother and his sister named Cambia.

The musician was also found to have lost his father to mouth cancer during the same period his band released their first EP in 2008. Cody tried to travel to Florida where his father was being treated but before get there, James Cody had passed away. This event took away the joys of the newly obtained victory of their EP success and caused Cody to almost give up on his musical career, but for a note left by his father before his death which read “There is no shortcut to Success”.

Does Cody Carson have a wife?

The famous singer is unmarried and has not revealed anything about her romantic life and has not been linked to any women. However, it’s possible that Cody Carson has a special lady in his life but chose not to publicize her. On the other hand, many believe he is busy building his music career with his band and has chosen to put his relationship on hold until he is ready.

the size

Cody has an average height of around 170cm which is around 5 feet 7 inches and he is known to have a moderate frame.