Corinne Olympios is an American reality television superstar who has started making a name for herself in the entertainment industry recently. The TV personality came into the limelight when she was cast on the reality show The Bachelor in Heaven where she was embroiled in a sex scandal with her co-actor. You should also know that this young woman is a model in the making who has made the cover of some magazines in the United States. Here’s everything you need to know about this American reality TV star.

Biography of Corinne Olympios

American television personality Corinne Olympios was born on November 11, 1992 in Miami, Florida. The former The Bachelor contestant is also the daughter of multi-million dollar business magnate James Olympios and Corinne plays a big role in her family’s business as she even reportedly worked as a manager in that business. She studied at North Miami Beach High School before continuing her studies at Florida International University, where she graduated a few years later.

Career modeling

There are no specific details as to when Corinneelle started her career but before becoming a television star, she had previously worked in the family business as a supplier and ran an online business which had given her was opened by his parents.

Corinne Olympios rose to stardom in 2017 on the reality TV series The Bachelor in Paradise. While appearing on the show, Corrine had a scandal related to the sexual misconduct incident that occurred between Corrine and her costar, DeMario Jackson. She accused DeMario of taking advantage of her when she was drunk, which caused the show to be suspended for a time.

However, after proper investigation by the producers, they found nothing to prove the charge and they continued with the show after terminating Jackson and Corinne’s services. According to some sources, Corrine will appear in an upcoming TV show, but the title of the show is not yet known.

It’s worth knowing that apart from being cast in reality TV shows Corinne Olympios is also an aspiring model who has modeled for several magazines. She would also have her own profile on Model Mayhem. More so, she has also featured in music videos of renowned American musicians such as DJ Khaled, Akon and Pitbull.

Net value

Corinne Olympios has amassed substantial wealth, and most of her net worth has been earned working for her family’s multi-million dollar company. Corrine also has her online business, which she runs as well as a model and TV personality, from which she earns hugely.

Although many sources have not pegged her earnings to a certain number, some have speculated that she is worth over $200,000, but of all her efforts, as pointed out, it is assumed that she is worth very impressive net.

Family: parents, sister

The American television personality hails from She is the first daughter of business mogul James and Peri Miriam Olympios. Corinne does not have a brother, but she has a younger sister, Taylor Olympios, who is a teenager.

Who her boyfriend?

A closer look at her love life shows that she is currently in a relationship with Jonathan Yunger. The duo got engaged earlier this year and continue to enjoy a romantic relationship.

The handsome American TV personality is blessed with a well built physique which is measured at 34-28-34 inches for chest, waist and hip size respectively. Corinne has an estimated height of 5ft 1in and weight of 55kg. She also has golden brown hair and dark blue eyes.

social media

Well, it would be strange for a reality star not to have an online presence, especially one as popular as Corinne Olympios. On that note, it helps to know that Corinne has built a strong social life as she is very active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram where she has over 103,000 followers and 753,000 subscribers respectively.