Have you ever heard of a pretty journalist who was shocked to see her on TV when a shirtless man asked her out during an interview? Courtney Friel was the reporter.

The incident happened in 2014. Friel was covering a wildfire in Los Angeles. She spotted the shirtless man with a dog and decided to interrogate him. She asked him if he lives in the area. Responding, the shirtless man said:

“Wow, you’re super pretty. Want to go on a date someday?

Courtney later tweeted this about the incident:

Courtney Friel is a popular name in American Journalism. She is currently an anchor and reporter for KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles. While she anchors the weekend newscasts at 6 p.m., 9:10 p.m. and 11 p.m., you’ll find her reporting for the media Monday through Wednesday for KTLA broadcasts.

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Courtney Friel Bio/Wiki/Age

Courtney Friel was born in the largest American city of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia on April 22, 1980.

Friel’s interest in journalism has been attributed to his high school years. She attended Methacton High School in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Methacton Records about Friel documented that she regularly aired television morning announcements and always took an active role in the school’s production duties in the media. A short video is said to have him appearing on Channel One News’ Student Week in Los Angeles.

When Courtney Friel graduated from high school, she went to San Diego State University. There, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Courtney was shy growing up. She was bullied at school and was not comfortable with who she was and found solace in drinking.

“…alcohol helped bring me out of my shell…I could never have a single drink. And it got worse from there.

“Alcohol, cocaine, Xanax, I tried everything. Going from a right of passage in my fast-paced media career, it got totally out of hand,” Courtney recounted.

Courtney FrielCareer

Courtney Friel joined KTLA in 2013. Previously, she worked for Fox News Channel (FNC) for six years. With FNC, Friel was a correspondent in New York. Other than that, she has been a full-fledged host on ‘Fox & Friends’ and loved on the show ‘Red Eye’. Friel spent his senior year working as an entertainment reporter for KTTV Fox 11 News in Los Angeles.

Prior to interviewing Friel with FNC, she was an anchor and reporter for KPSP (CBS) in Palm Springs, California. While hosting ‘The World Poker Tour’ on the Travel Channel, she also co-anchored Court TV’s ‘The Saturday Night Solution’.

Friel has worked as FOX’s “America’s Most Wanted” West Coast correspondent and a field reporter for various media establishments. She is known to have collaborated with Comcast Cable, Oxygen Channel, GOTV Mobile Television, syndicated program “Extra” and E! Entertainment,

But then Friel revealed that his first local news job was as the prime-time anchor at WBBJ (ABC) in Jackson, Tennessee. According to Friel, his job was to photograph, edit and write his own stories, as well as roll the teleprompter with his right foot during newscasts.

If you ask Friel about her first day of live television, she’ll say it started at 4 a.m. with a deadly tornado that leveled the city and destroyed her car.

Friel has interviewed many celebrities and has already been nominated for the Emmy award.

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Courtney Friel Dating, Married, Divorce

Everyone knows Courtney Friel was married to CBS News correspondent Carter Evans.

Friel and Evans reportedly met in San Diego. They dated for several years and decided to become life partners. It was in 2005.

Many believed the couple had a lot in common, which would help preserve their marriage. There were journalists and it was a big problem when they worked on the same subject.

For reasons best known to Friel and Evans, they divorced in 2016 regardless of the two children they have together.

Friel considers being a mother to children her greatest achievement in life. Their son Cash Hudson was born in 2011 and their daughter in 2012. Her name is Cameron Kaiulani.

Merry Christmas #CoParenting! Good morning with @CarterEvans, #CashandCam. Somehow I got into making the #HotWheels sets – but, in exchange, I’m going to “get some eggs from my old hubs”, the Pepper, Ginger, Punjo + Chicaletta chickens when they start hatching them in March , allegedly. #MerryChristmas #Grateful #CoParenting #Friendly #KeepItFriel #DayOff #WestLAChickens

A post shared by Courtney Friel (@courtneyfriel) on25 Dec 2015 at 10:39 am PST

Since Friel left Evans, she’s been seen with several men, but it’s unclear if she’s dating any of them.

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Courtney Friel Net Worth

The photos of the KTLA Anchor above have already revealed its appeal to you. With brown hair and blue eyes, Friel is 5ft 6in tall and weighs 54kg.

Also, Courtney Friel’s body measurements are 34-25-37.