Talk about the ladies of the 80s and Cyndi Lauper is sure to be mentioned. The veteran American singer-songwriter and actress has had a successful career spanning over 3 decades. Although far from her prime, Lauper continues to remain relevant in the entertainment industry. Her last album, Detour, was released in 2016. She continues to tour and create new music, mostly movie soundtracks. A recipient of the coveted EGOT, Lauper deserves an enviable career. His legacy will no doubt endure for centuries to come.


Cyndi was born Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper on June 22, 1953, in Astoria, New York, to Fred and Catrine Lauper (née Gallo). On her father’s side, Cyndi has German and Swiss roots, and on her mother’s side, of Italian descent.

As a child, Cyndi grew up with her siblings. older sister Ellen and her younger brother Fred, in Brooklyn. When she was five, her parents divorced. Cyndi struggled to maintain her self-image while growing up and performed poorly in high school. So she was expelled from a few schools. She was voted most likely to fail by her friends as her teachers predicted she would become an artist or die. Lauper would later graduate with an equivalent degree in high school.

From her teenage years, she began to express herself by dressing in eccentric clothes and sporting brightly colored hairstyles. She was also very interested in music and started playing the guitar and writing her own songs as a teenager. At the age of 17, she ran away from home in order to escape her abusive stepfather.

After leaving home, Lauper spent two weeks in Canada living in the woods with her dog, a time that helped her find herself. She then moved to Vermont and oriented herself towards a musical career. To support herself, she worked a variety of jobs, from singing in a Japanese bar for money to becoming a waitress and office assistant.

His first contact with musical success was with the group Blue Angel. In the late 1980s, long after she had achieved fame, Lauper got into acting.

When did she become famous?

After a few years of music, Cyndi Lauper gained instant fame in 1983 with the release of her debut album, She’s So Unusual. She had previously been in a band called Blue Angel. The band enjoyed mild success winning a recording contract and releasing their debut album. However, their success was not enough to thrust Lauper into the limelight.

Soloing, Lauper immediately established his impact on the music scene. Her debut solo album broke numerous records, including becoming the first female album to yield four Top 5 songs on the Billboard Hot 100. These singles included; Girls just wanna have fun,” “All Night,” “Time after Time,” and “She Bop.”

Making Lauper more visible in the media was his colorful hairstyles and eccentric dressings, a punk image dreamed up by stylist Patrick Lucas. Lauper immediately became a teen idol. Her debut album earned her the Grammy for Best New Artist as well as several other nominations, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (for “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”) and Song. of the year (for “Time After Time”).

At the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards, Cyndipour’s video “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” won top prize for Best Female Video. In the same year, Lauper was known for her magazine covers such as Rolling Stones, Time, Newsweek and People.

Cyndi Lauper’s Net Worth

With over 50 million albums and 20 million Cyndi Lauper derives much of her fortune from her career as a musician. His contributions to the entertainment industry in music, film and television have earned him a fortune valued at $30 million.

husband, son

In the early 90s, Lauper opened a new chapter in her life when she married actor David Thornton on November 24, 1991. The age difference between them is barely 10 days, with Lauper being the oldest.

Thornton was born on June 12, 1953. His father is Robert Donald Thornton. He was an international authority on the Scottish poet Robert Burns and taught English at Harvard for over four decades.

Lauper’s husband is a Yale School drama alumnus. He also honed his skills at Lee Strasberg Actors’ Studio. Interestingly, their career started in the same year in 1983, when Lauper had gained immense fame with his debut album, David began to play roles in television shows. He is known for films like John Q, Home Alone 3, Law & Order, The Notebook, and The Other Woman.

The couple have a son, Declyn Wallace Thornton, born November 19, 1997.