You may never know what you can do until you try. Dr Savage, also known as Dr Savage 3900, is one of those who never knew what potential he had hidden within him until the fateful day when he was left alone in his friend’s studio where he tried to record a song. The song, 30 round clip was born, and his musical career, in turn.

The young rapper has made significant progress since then, giving us every reason to believe he’s here to stay. He has released four albums and over 10 songs on SoundCloud. He is signed to Cutthroat Records and has been compared to Playboi Carti.

D Savage – Bio (Age, Personal Information)

Of African-American descent, D Savage was born on July 18, 1998 in Queens, New York. Born under the zodiac sign Cancer, he was given the name Dylan Roy McCord. Dylan was only 2 years old when his family moved to Los Angeles, California where he was later raised. He attended high school in Gardena, California, where he played basketball before hitting fame.

Growing up, D Savage got to know many other popular rappers who grew up in his neighborhood, including Tyler, the Creator and Ian Connor. He also listened to famous rapper chef Keef, who could be cited as his influence but never dreamed of becoming one.

When he was 17, Dylan accompanied a friend to his studio where he was left by chance all alone. While enjoying my time, and with a world of opportunities ahead of him, he decided to record a song for no reason. This song became 30 Round Clip as well as his ticket to stardom. The track has been viewed over 8 million times since its release.

Over time, he began to gain traction and people became aware of his talent. He also got online with social media and started sharing his songs through SoundCloud. D Savage continued his accidental release with more songs, including Sake, Trending, Pass This, Joker, Can’t Stop , and Jack, all in 2016. He amassed over 118,000 followers on SoundCloud, while his songs have attracted millions of streams. Additionally, he has over 379,000 followers on Instagram and over 88,000 followers on Twitter.

In February 2017, he dropped his viral hit, I Know which garnered over 16 million spins on SoundCloud. It also spawned a music video, released in early 2018. D Savage has collaborated with artists like Yoga Flame, MilanMakesBeats, Reggae Mills and 16yrold. His recent titles include Gardena’s Finest, Kame In, and 39/27

D Savage is signed to Joey Fatts Cutthroat Records and has released 10 tracks on his SoundCloud so far. He has also released two studio albums, Born a Savage (2017) and D Phoenix (2018), as well as two collab albums, Highlife Never Left the Booth (2017) and Independent in 2018. As of January 2018, he was playing on social media with YouTuber, DJ Akademiks, courtesy of an advanced Republic Records label.

Although he stumbled on his music career, his progress has been quite rapid, which gives us all reason to believe he’s here to stay. D Savage plans to continue making rap music in the future.

What is D Savage’s net worth?

Making music may not have been on her to-do list in her future, but it’s paying off. Along with earning his rap career handsomely, it also gave him new dreams, like becoming the next money-making Bill Gates. Although his net worth has not been estimated by a reliable source, D Savage surely earns a decent sum from his music.

His family

A family may not be perfect, but it’s definitely here to stay. No matter how high a career rises during his career, there will always be encouragement from his parents and friends. For the young rapper, however, there is no information available on his family at this time. This does not mean that it fell from the sky. Dr Savage has a place to rest after finishing making music that day, simply because he hid that aspect of his life from the public eye.

Height – How tall is it?

The young rapper has a slender figure that sits atop his 6ft 1in (1.86m) frame. He weighs 64 kg.

D Savage has black hair, dark brown eyes. Like most rappers, he wears a toothbrush and has several body inks.