YouTube never seems to run out of content thanks to the countless number of young people who have made it and are successfully jumping into various niches on the platform. Florida-born Damon Fizzy is one such person. The youngster started on YouTube in 2008 and has, over the years, garnered an impressive number of fans with his entertaining videos.

Indeed, Damon is an all-round artist whose creativity is appreciated by anyone who calls into either or both of his YouTube channels. On one of his channels, he revealed on About Page that he makes his videos in hopes of making a person smile and thereby distract such a person from the negativity in their life. To that end, the YouTuber has largely succeeded in achieving this goal and still has plenty of motives to cover.

While you entertain yourself with the content that Damon Fizzy regularly uploads to his channels, let us tell you here the story of his life and how it all started.

Damon Fizzy’ Biography, Age

Before YouTube stardom and fortune set in, Damon Fizzy was born in California but grew up in Spring Hill, Florida alongside his brother, Devon Fizzy. He is American by nationality while his ethnicity is white. Details of who his parents are; their names, place of residence and current activities are difficult to find. Anyway, some reports online indicate that the YouTuber is quite close to his family members but has chosen not to expand the media attention he receives on them. So we hardly ever see him mention family members other than his brother who also has the same job as him.

On YouTube, Damon set things in motion in July 2008, when he created his very first channel which he named deefizzy. Her very first video on the channel was titled Chicks Dig Me Because I’m Carrying An Ax and as you can imagine, the video caught the budding YouTuber’s attention. Damon followed this video along with several others who all did well to create his one creation – to entertain people.

Being a shrewd online content creator, DamonFizzy leveraged the fame that his first YouTube channel led him to create another one in February 2011 which he named DamonFizzy. On his second channel, YouTuber reiterates his commitment to making people smile and forget their daily worries.

With a subscriber base running into the hundreds, Fizzy has undoubtedly managed to achieve the goals he set for himself on his two YouTube channels. Certainly, if he continues, the YouTube star should continue to grow his following, both online and offline.

Some of the popular videos you’ll see on his deefizzy YouTube channel are The Truth About Austin Jones. (And Why He Got Away), Austin Jones Finally Goes To Jail, THE NEW ME!, GET OUT, THE REAL ME1, and others. On DamonFizzy, his most visited uploads are Bryan Stars / My Digital Escape Thoughts, UP OR DOWN, WHAT I DO IN SUMMER, LOVE OF MY LIFE and a few others.

Facts about the YouTuber and the singer

Damon’s exact net worth is not yet known, but available estimates, compiled from data from his YouTube channels, place his net worth at $400,000 at the time of our writing.

Damon Fizzy is a complete artist. In addition to being creative in creating videos for his YouTube channels, the young man is also good at singing. On his DamonFizzy channel, he has a few videos that attest to this. Such videos where he can be seen singing are Singing With My Girlfriend and Me Singing Pray For Peace By Christofer Drew. Although the videos aren’t at their best, most of his fans agree that the YouTuber is quite a talented singer.

On Twitter you can find and follow Damon Fizzy with the handle @deefizzy, his Facebook page is Deefizzy @deefizzyviewers while on Instagram Damon can be found with @damonfizzy.

Damon is not married yet but rumor has it: been in a relationship couple in the past. He was linked to Taylor Swift but denied it and said they were just friends. On his DamonFizzy YouTube page, he described himself as “someone who is dating Taylor Swift, she doesn’t quite know that yet.” Afterwards, he allegedly had a relationship with Carson Fanikos, but this has not been proven.

  • Body measurements and features

According to available reports, Damon stands at a height of 5ft 8in or 1.77m. His body weight, biceps, chest and waist size are not yet known, but we do know that he has dark brown hair and gray eyes.