For more than 4 decades, Dan Dotson has lived his life as an auctioneer, businessman and TV presenter through his appearance on the A&E reality series Storage Wars. He learned the trade from his grandfather SamFancher who, in his day, was a cattle and farm auctioneer in the Ozark Mountains region of northwest Arkansas. Since selling his first item; A piece of furniture sold at a Chino auction in California in 1978, Dan enjoyed phenomenal success as an auctioneer. It is for this reason that we are going to take a closer look at his background, net worth and where he has become for some time.

Dan Dotson – Biography,

November 23, 1962, goes down in history as the day Dan (Danny) Dotson was born in California. He was also said to have been raised where he was close to his grandfather, Sam Fancher. While Sam lived, he was a respected man in his local community where he worked as a farmer and livestock auctioneer. Dan will often accompany her on her auction business at times. As he regularly did, his old man took it upon himself to give him extensive auction training during his summer vacation. This practice continued over the next four summers. Looking back, Danny will certainly be grateful to his grandfather for steering his passion well.

At the age of 16, Dan Dotson, then already competent to close sales, had already decided to become an auctioneer. He started skipping class to attend the Chino auction in California, where he worked for a furniture auctioneer named Meri Bernard.

In the years that followed, he continued to do what he knew best in anticipation of his next big move. This big move happened in 1983, when he founded American Auctioneers – a Riverside-based auction house that collected dolls, furniture, pottery and porcelain items. With his extensive background in business, Dan Dotson started learning from childhood and allowed his auction house to specialize in collectibles to focus foreclosure auctions and more.

With that came the tremendous expansion of his business which of course put more money in his pocket. However, Dotson is not someone who relies on his oars at this time. He has diversified his business by having an online presence at, where he provides self-storage auction listings spanning the entire United States and Canada. To add to that, he began making guest appearances with his wife Laura Dotson on A&E’s Storage Wars beginning in 2010. His appearance on this reality show featuring 4 professional buyers and their teams earned Danny a lot of acclaim. media attention that he handled well..

The highlights of Dan’s life up to the present time cannot be rounded off without mentioning the woman who has accompanied him since his beginnings in the business world. The Storage Wars star met his wife in 1996 when she came to bid at one of his auctions. The two were quickly taken in advance and Laura would have thought that she would marry one day with Dan Dotson. From friend, she became his business partner before becoming co-owner and manager of American Auctioneers. Both are married now and have 3 children. Their children, however, live a life closed to the media.

Net value

The reality TV star is undoubtedly the best at what he does. Perhaps Dan Dotson has no substitute in the way he goes about his auction business. As a result, he was well rewarded in his career. He reportedly has a net worth of $4.5 million.

What happened to the Storage Wars star?

Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson are still very stillpart of the American television series Auctioneers. However, in the past, Dan had to prioritize his health. He suffered a double aneurysm in June 2014. When he awoke at dawn on that fateful day, he collapsed, but was later revived by his wife, Laura, who was guided by a 911 agent to administer CPR. Dan then underwent surgery and has been strong ever since.