Podcasts are all the rage these days. Their popularity continues to grow year on year, stealing vital audience percentages from traditional radio plays. The internet has turned many people into celebrities, often via podcasts. Such is the story of Dan Katz.

Ever heard of Barstool Sports? It is a company that, in keeping with its name, only produces sports content. One of their earliest content is the Pardon My Hold (PMT) podcast co-hosted by Dan Katz, also referred to as “Big Cat.”

Just three days after its launch, PMT hit #1 on the iTunes Sports Chart (February 28 to March 2, 2016). On March 3, 2016, it was also in the top 40 on the Canadian iTunes chart. Pardon my take ‘s success hasn’t faltered since, as it has maintained its top 5 position since its airing.

Dan Katz’ Biography,

Born to Daniel Katz, the podcaster’s story begins in West Newton, a village in the town of Newton, Massachusetts. He was born on January 30, 1985 and spent his growing years in Newton.

Daniel attended primary and secondary school in his hometown. For the latter, he attended Newton North High School, located in Newtonville, from where he graduated in 2003.

It’s widely believed, however, that the famous podcaster may not have bothered to get a college education. According to a GQ interview, however, Katz hinted that his parents wanted him to study medicine and become a doctor. Maybe they’re happy now that he didn’t go that way.

The “Big Cat” is based in Chicago, where he supports over 700,000 Twitter followers and over 350,000 Instagram followers.

Who is Dan Katz’s wife, girlfriend?

Katz fans wondered about this for as long as possible, until he finally let the cat out of the bag. It didn’t really happen under the circumstances that he wanted to reveal the information.

Dan Katz is in a relationship. He has a partner and they live together. He also posted a photo of himself and his blonde-haired girlfriend on Instagram. But that’s as far as his revelation went. He didn’t say what she’s doing or even she revealed her name. Since admitting to the relationship, he also hasn’t said if they’re still together or if they’ve officially tied the knot.

What is his net worth?

Katz is really comfortable financially. Podcasts tend to make a ton of money each time they find success, in terms of monetizing their audience. Typically, a podcast with up to 100,000 listeners is considered a success – Pardon ma prize attracts more than ten times that number. At last count, sources indicate an average of 1.5 million listeners per PMT episode.

The podcast is rumored to earn around $175,000 per episode. That means he earns over $27 million a year. According to Celebrity Net Worth and a few other critical news sources, Dan Katz net worth stands at $1 million. He has not acted to confirm or refute these assessments.

Facts About Dan “Big Cat” Katz

1. Katz doesn’t run the podcast alone

It may have been the name synonymous with the podcast, but it alone cannot boast of its success. Katz was already a contributor to the series on Barstool long before he was rewarded with his own podcast.

Along the way, he managed to convince popular public commentator, Eric Sollenberger – also known as the PFT Commenter – to join him on SB Nation’s Barstool podcast. He remarkably had this discussion while on Twitter. And together they grew into what they are today.

2. Dan Katz and Eric deployed “evil genius” marketing tactics

Apparently Katz and Sollenberger owe ESPN a lot. On the other hand, to facilitate their growth, they decided to follow an unconventional marketing path.

The two men first coined the name Pardon ma taking two successful programs on the ESPN network. The programs are First Take and Pardon the Interruption. They took it a step further by creating the podcast logo from a clever fusion of the two programs’ logos.

ESPN eventually learned of this and sent a letter ordering them to cease and desist. It was only later that he admitted in an interview that the logo debacle was intentional and meant to generate more media attention.

3. He has already been called a misogynist

It seems that troubles and controversies always find a way to show themselves in the face of fame and success. And it was no different in the case of Dan Katz.

In 2017, ESPN struck again, but this time they wanted to work with the podcaster. They wanted him and his Pardon My Take co-host to anchor a program on ESPN 2, called Stool Van Talk.

This decision by the network to bring in ESPN sportscaster Dan KatzSam Ponder didn’t go over well. His grievance was that Big Cat had made less than pleasant comments about him.

Daniel Katz, however, denied the allegation and instead pointed to an article written by Barstool founder David Portnoy. This article, he said, was the basis of his accusation and not of the comments he made.

That hasn’t stopped Ponder fans and others alike from bash Katz on his social media. It was on these terms that the host revealed he had a girlfriend, in part to assuage the anger of his online bashers who had previously branded him a misogynist.