Dave Turin has spent much of his life quarrying and mining as a means of survival and also as an activity he enjoys doing. The civil engineer and television personality is known for his exploits in the reality series, Gold Rush, which airs on the Discovery channel.

To better understand Turin, it is important to note that he is one of the most important personalities in the series. Through his works, the miner has proven that his passion will take you where you want. There is so much to know about Turin and the spectacle of the Gold Rush. Learn more by scrolling through this article.

Dave Turin Bio

He was born David Turin on April 21, 1959. Before exercising his career, Dave was a sportsman and he was outstanding during his school years. He played football in high school and also carried his skills through college, making a name for himself in the sport. We don’t have the names of his schools, but in the 90s Dave graduated with a degree in civil engineering.

Thereafter, he joined his family – his father and three brothers – in rock quarrying in Oregon. David worked the family career for over twenty-five years before joining the Hoffman soap opera on the Gold Rush TV series. The Hoffman crew, led by Todd Hoffman, is made up of miners from the Hoffman family.

Having so many years of qualified experienceDave Turin as a consultant. And as a career pro, Turin has twice been brought in by Hoffman for consultation and advice. It happened that during the first season of their gold mining, he helped the team reorganize their operations in Alaska. The Jim-Nail Placer mine was in a mess and Hoffman had to consult the services of the quarry expert.

After a successful operation, he was asked by Todd to join the team full time. During the second season, Dave left the family quarry and joined the miners with the intention of raising them to an enviable level. He absolutely wanted to help the team bring back the gold by any means possible, and leaving the Torino quarry would only let him focus on that goal.

He worked with Todd for three seasons helping out with mining and most importantly; provide mining expertise and advisory services. However, on day four, the team experienced its worst mining season in Guyana. After all the effort, neither Dave nor the band could boast of a tangible presence.

Dave was frustrated and in Season 5 he left them and joined Dodge Crew’s – Freddy and Derek Dodge for mining season at the Carmacks dealership. He worked with them for a little while before returning to Todd Hoffman. The 5th and 6th seasons were quite productive for the Hoffman crew.

David and his team hit 2700oz in the fifth season, and in the following season they caught a whopping 5000oz. This huge amount of gold encouraged them to work even harder and stick together. Turin’s stay with the crew was subsequently marred by adverse events which you will learn about throughout the scroll.

His net worth

Dave Turin has earned a lot of money from his mining exploits. His net worth has been estimated at $2 million by some sources. Importantly, these feats also include her appearance on the reality show Gold Rush.

Prior to joining Hoffman’s team again in the fifth season, Dave had requested an equity stake as a condition of joining the club. His wish was granted and he received a 50% stake in a partnership. This means that the fifth season really favored Turin and improved their financial status.

What does the gold rush star do now?

Dave Turin left the Hoffman Crew after racing Buckland in season seven. But he returned to the squad before the end of the season and led the Fairplay claim with them. Reportedly, the Gold Rush star quit the show after the seventh season. He allegedly had an altercation with Trey Poulson and then left the crew. After the crew’s departure from Turin, Hoffman traveled to Colorado.

Discovery Channel fans will witness Turin’s formidable exploits on his own show, Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, a gold rush spin-off. The show premiered in March 2019 and attracted many viewers.

Dave Turin is married to his wife Shelly and they have three children.