David Cross is indeed a senior officer in the comedy business. The American stand-up comedian has made a name for himself with his naturally gifted acting skills which he effortlessly employs in his works. He is not only a top comedian, he also displays his versatility as an actor, director and writer. Cross is popularly known for his cracking stand-up shows as well as his HBO sketch comedy series Mr. Show. The talented comedian is also known for his appearance in the sitcom Arrested Development where he plays the role of Tobias Fünke.

David Cross Bio

He was born on April 4, 1964 in Atlanta.Georgia, to his parents; Barry, his father and Susi, his mother. Seeing that both parents struggled to make ends meet throughout their lives, Cross’ poor background must have been his motivation to succeed in life.

David was motivated to work hard and after his graduation from Northside High School, he moved to New York and worked for a lawn care company. He then went to Emerson College in Boston, where he joined the “This is Pathetic” sketch group. After a semester in school, he dropped out and started performing in Boston. Gradually progressing through the comedy scene, Cross began appearing in the comedy scene Catching a Rising Star alongside acts like Louis CK and Janeane Garofalo.

From there, a sketch comedy group Cross Comedy created by David Cross emerged and it is made up of 12 artists plus himself. The show which aired weekly was a big hit. While he continues to play jokes and rib acts, the comedian has released three recordings; It’s not funny, Shut up , baby, and Bigger and Blackerer. In 2016, Cross embarked on his Make America Great Again national stand-up tour. The tour which started from January 26, 2016 to April 24 of that year was Cross’ first comedy tour in six years.

The comedian also had his presence duly felt in television and film. He created the HBO sketch comedy series Mr. Show alongside comedian Bob Odenkirk. Prior to this premiere, he was already working as a writer on the Ben Stiller Show and also won an Emmy Award in 1993 for his work on the show. He landed a movie role in Men in Black and also reprized his role as Newton in the sequel Men in Black II in the year 2002.

Cross starred as Tobias Funke on the sitcom, Arrested Development, which aired from 2003 to 2006. He’s appeared in numerous shows and movies over the years. Some of them include Shoot Me! The Drew Carey ShowNewsRadioStrangers with CandyAlvin and the Chipmunks, and many more. His producing and directing skills have also been shown in productions such as Run Ronnie RunSpectacle Freak, and others.

His net worth

David Cross has a lot to show for his comic book endeavors that have become part of his life. The talented comedian has an estimated net worth of $12 million. Cross made his fortune from his standout role in Arrested Development, which put his name on many people’s lips. Furthermore, his work on the Mr. Show sketch not only won him an award, but also contributed to his financial elevation. Cross has so many works to his name and is creating even more.

Wife, family life of the American comedian

David Cross is married to Amber Tamblyn, an actress. The couple, who dated for four years, got engaged in 2011 after Cross popped the question. A year after their engagement, they tied the knot in 2012. They welcomed a daughter, Marlow Alice Cross, in February 2017.

David was raised with the values ​​of the Jewish religion. However, he chose to become an atheist later in life. He has two sisters Juli Cross and Wendy Cross. When he was 10, his father left the family and they had to move from friend to friend, as they had no money to fend for themselves. Through it all, Cross has kept his passion for showbiz alive and burning. Reportedly, the comedian hasn’t spoken to his father since he was 19.