Davina McCall is an iconic English television presenter. Despite having problems from a young age, she defied all odds to become who she is today. She gained notoriety after having had the opportunity to be a presenter in the first edition of Big brother. Since then, she’s been on a steady ascent, achieving several huge feats along the way. To date, Davina is one of the highest paid TV presenters in the UK.

Davina McCall Biography (Age)

She was born on October 16, 1967 as Davina Lucy Pascal McCall, to her parents: Florence Nee Hennion (mother) and Andrew McCall (father) in Wimbledon, London. She is of English nationality and white ethnicity. Growing up was anything but fun for Davina: Just three years after she was born, her parents divorced, leaving her in the care of her grandparents. After their divorce, her mother moved to Paris. However, she was able to see her mother while on vacation, but the experience was far from memorable given her mother’s love of drinking. At the age of 13, she finally left her grandparents’ house to settle down with her father, who had remarried.

There is very little information regarding Davina McCall’s background in terms of specifics by year. However, it is known that she had her primary education at St Catherine’s School in Bramley. After completing her primary education, she went to secondary school at Latymer Girls School in Hammersmith, West London.

After graduating from high school, she joined a band called Lazy Bears, but after a while she decided to quit the band and pursue her career as a solo artist. Her singing career was cut short, however, when she became frustrated with her lack of impact on the music industry. After quitting music, she landed a job as a receptionist at Models 1. After a while she quit her job and moved to Paris where she ran a restaurant for two years before returning to London. Upon her return, she found herself a job as a hostess at a London nightclub. During her work at the club, she developed a strong addiction to drugs and soon began to be a problem at work. It took the help of her very good friend, Eric Clapton, to ask her to rehabilitate before offering her a job at MTV in 1992. At MTV, she was first given the role of show host. Ray Cokes’ Most Wanted before going to present The Hitlist UK

Her big break, however, came in 2001 when she was named a presenter on the first edition of Big Brother. She was also assigned to host the weekly eviction show. Since then it has gone on a steady rise and has hosted several other shows such as The Million Pound Drop, Thorny Heat, Dance, and Don’t Try This At Home, to name a few.

Net value

Over the years, this iconic TV presenter has amassed a net worth of around $4 million. She has largely earned her career as a high-profile TV presenter and host, as well as her endorsement deal with workout wear brand F&F. Her annual income is not known to the media. However, in 2008 she earned £85,000 per episode on the ninth series of Big Brother

husband and children

The English presenter was married twice in her life. Her first marriage dates back to 1997 with actor Andrew Legget. But their marriage only lasted three months before the divorce. After her divorce, she took some time off between 2000 and 2000, when she met Animal Rescue presenter and former model, Matthew Robertson. The most interesting thing about their relationship was how they met.

According to Davina, she was taking her dog on a walk in West London Park when she spotted Matthew and felt the need to say hello. After exchanging pleasantries, Matthew took the cue by striking up a conversation with her that lasted over an hour. The couple finally wed later that year in a lighted ceremony at Easter Castle, Hertfordshire. They have three children named Holly, Tilly and Chester.

After 16 years of marriage, their love turned sour with Davina filing for divorce in 2017. Sources say she even had to offer Matthew a total sum of $2 million to get him a quick divorce. After the divorce, she opened up to the media and admitted that she was the reason the marriage didn’t last. She also admitted to paying less attention to him after they had their first child.

Height and body measurements

Standing at 5 feet 7 inches, coupled with a weight of 58 kg, Davina McCall is undoubtedly a very sexy lady. Despite her age, she has a 34-inch bust, 25-inch waist, and 36-inch hip size, which makes her very easy on the eyes. When asked what was the secret to her stunning appearance despite her age, she smiled before simply saying that she watches what she eats and exercises regularly.