Daymond John is an entrepreneur and TV personality who has managed to find the perfect way to combine his corporate life with his life as a TV personality.

Daymond John serves as President and CEO of FUBU, the same company that makes hockey t-shirts and apparel that floods the market.

He also made a wonderful presence in the ABC reality series, known as Shark Tank. Let’s take a closer look at the TV personality’s life.

Daymond is the only child of his parents. He was born in 1969 and raised by his mother and grandfather in a healthy environment. It is reported that Daymond John grew up in Queens, in the neighborhood of Hollis.

He went to Bayside High School where he was on a program that allowed him to work one week and go to school the other week – the period when he had acquired the entrepreneurial spirit.

Being dyslexic didn’t stop Daymond from excelling in his businesses. He began his business career at a very young age by sewing his own hats and selling them for a high price on the streets of Queens.

He teamed up with his neighbor and sewed hats, which were
popular at the time, and sold them to the New York Coliseum, making a net profit.

Subsequently, John created the company FUBU. He worked at Red Lobster to generate funds. He then collaborated with his friends, J. Alexander Martin and Keith Perrin, to sew the FUBU logo onto hockey jerseys, sweatshirts and t-shirts.

He came into the limelight when LL Cool J wore a FUBU t-shirt and FUBU hat in some commercials in 1993. John hit it big when he won a $300,000 order for Macy’s (M) at a trade show in fashion in Las Vegas.

Daymond John joined Shark Tank in 2009. It is a reality TV show about business executives looking to fund future entrepreneurs who hope to achieve their dreams and succeed.

As part of the show, John and other business leaders listen to ordinary people pitch their business and decide whether or not to invest money in the business.

He is the author of various books: The power of the broken, The inner brand and the display of power. He enjoys reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich.

Daymond John is a public speaker and he works with different celebrities and brands to generate more revenue and grow his brand.

Daymond John House/Net worth

The total net worth of Daymond John is around $250 million. It is expected to increase in 2017 compared to previous years.

As noted above, Daymond John is one of the self-made, self-made millionaire “shark” investors on ABC-TV’s hit show “Shark Tank.”

For a man who started his business (FUBU) with a cloth worth $40, the successful entrepreneur is truly a role model for beginners and those who are already in business.

One of the catalytic forces that has contributed to the growth of John’s business stems from the lucrative sale of Samsung textiles. This deal came true after John’s neighbor, hip-hop singer LL Cool J, wore one of FUBU’s hats in a Gap commercial.

In six years, FUBU’s annual sales reached $350 million and eventually generated sales of over $6 billion, until the brand became less popular in the early 2000s. .

Today, FUBU is sold in many department stores and is worth around $6 billion.

About the subject of his house, John has a lot oftheir. One of the best known to the public is a 6-bedroom mansion in Southampton worth at least $7 million. The rustic-yet-chic home is said to have a large pool, antique fireplaces, and a brick patio.

Daymond John wife/girlfriend

John got engaged to girlfriend Heather Taras in September 2016.

The FUBU Founder and CEO popped the question with a custom designed 9.5 carat emerald cut diamond ring while filming Shark Tank on Thursday, September 22, 2016.

As of this writing, the couple have yet to walk down the aisle.

Daymond John Family/Daughter/Kids

John and his girlfriend already have a daughter together. However, Daymond John already had a family with his ex-wife and two daughters, Destiny and Yasmeen. Her third child is Minka.

That makes a total of 3 children from John alone and one from his girlfriend Heather.